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Blue Brown Eyeshadow

Blue Brown Eyeshadows: Affordable Dupes

You know when you have one of those days when you just want to play with makeup? Go through things in your collection? The swatching, the testing, the smelling is such a fun thing to do on those relaxed days. I was having one of those today, taking pictures, arranging, playing with makeup. When suddenly,…

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Wet n Wild Makeup Haul

Hellooo beautiful people! Do you know what day it is? It’s #takemymoneytuesday wooo!! So, of course we’re doing a haul today. And I was actually planning on a different one, but just yesterday I saw that CVS was having a phenomenal deal on Wet n Wild makeup . For this week, all Wet n Wild…

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Wet N Wild Haul: Beauty 2016

Howdy y’all! Do you guys shop when you’re bored, or late at night or when you’re sad? *cue to nod head in agreement* Yeaaah, I’ve been there. I know a lot of us beauty junkies have. Well, this happened to me one night. And instead of opening up my browser and doing online shopping thereby…

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