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October Empties

October Empties: Mini Reviews 2016

There is literally only a chunk of time left before we’ll all be celebrating and welcoming a new year. Isn’t that crazy? I feel like I need more time to achieve something this year, because so far, it’s looking bleak haha.  As worse as my fitness was this year, my beauty discoveries are still going…

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Top 5 Cleansers

Top 5 Cleansers: My Favorites for 2016

Gooood Morning folks! It is a beautiful Saturday and I’ve woken up quite early considering that it’s a weekend 😀 So, to start off my weekend with, I’m going to chat with you about my Top 5 Cleansers for this year. I specify the words ‘this year’ because as with any fickle minded human being, there…

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Simple Micellar Cleansing Water: Review 2016

Okay, so you’ve seen a variety of bloggers, youtubers etc etc. do endorsements for this product over and over on all social media platforms, and you start to become skeptical, and quite frankly, just annoyed. When a product gets so much hype and exposure from sponsorships, you start to doubt whether it actually works or…

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