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Year End Empties: Mini Reviews 2017

Reading watching and writing year end empties, favorites etc. is literally my favorite thing ever in this time. I love knowing what people have used up, have loved for a while and you end up getting some great recommendations and insight on products you may want to try yourself for the next year. So that’s…

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Haircare Favorites

Haircare Favorites: Currently Loving in 2016

Hi lovess!! So today we are talking about some haircare favorites that I’m currently loving. Now keep in mind that I have probably the least enviable hair. If you were to see a picture of my hair on Instagram, you would scroll right past without giving it a second look. But that’s exactly why this…

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July Empties

July Empties : Mini Reviews 2016

All those of you that hold on to your trash for monthly empties posts, you will share my feeling of utter and complete satisfied relief when it is finally time to get rid of some of the products 😀 Well, here we are with another empties post, this time for my July Empties. There are some…

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Dry Shampoos: Hits and Misses

Hellooo guys! It’s been a hot minute since I last did a top 5 type of post. I have been wanting to do this post for a while, but I’d just been waiting till I had bought, tried and tested enough dry shampoos to give you a full review. Well, I have tested quite a…

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Empties: Part 1 February 2016

It’s that time again! Probably my most gratifying post to write. I love writing about my beauty empties because a) I finally  get to throw my trash out (*teeeehee*) and b) I can really tell you all that I loved and hated after using up the entire product. So, without further ramblings, let’s talk about…

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Empties: September 2015

Howdy folks! I say howdy because if you live in Texas long enough, you start becoming less shy and more comfortable with greeting everyone with a good ol’ fashioned howdy. Not sure what this has anything to do with beauty; clearly I need to focus. Now I thought that I was one of those people…

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Empties: July 2015 Part 1

So you know how much I love you? So much so that I have been collecting my beauty trash for the past few weeks, just so I can review it for you guys :D. Batiste Dark and Deep Brown Dry Shampoo This is probably my sixth or seventh bottle of this dry shampoo within the…

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