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L'Oreal Extraordinary ClayL'Oreal Extraordinary Clay

L’Oreal Extraordinary Clay Haircare Review

So helloo guys. As you can guess from the title, today we are reviewing the recently launched L’Oreal Extraordinary Clay Haircare line. The whole line is created on a very unique concept. L’Oreal claims that the line is specifically designed to cater to people who have oily roots and dry ends. I feel like a lot of us fall…

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December empties

December Empties: Last Mini Reviews of 2016

It seems that I take the phrase ‘better late than never’ too seriously these days :D. As I’m sure you are probably tired of hearing, I love posting empties and most months I post them late but I definitely do make it a point to never miss them. Not yet anyway 🙂 So, let me…

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Wet n Wild Makeup Haul

Hellooo beautiful people! Do you know what day it is? It’s #takemymoneytuesday wooo!! So, of course we’re doing a haul today. And I was actually planning on a different one, but just yesterday I saw that CVS was having a phenomenal deal on Wet n Wild makeup . For this week, all Wet n Wild…

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Elf Haul

Elf Haul: Lots of New Goodies

Hiiii you guys! I can’t even begin to tell you how sexy the weather is in Texas right now. I don’t know about you, but I love dark, gloomy, rainy weather. And like I always say, this kind of weather just makes me excited to sit down, drink a cuppa coffee and chat with you…

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colourpop eyeshadows

ColourPop Mini Haul: July 2016

Helloo babes! Oh my God, can you believe that this is my first ever Colourpop order? Like, no joke, I have never owned anything from Colourpop before. What kind of a beauty blogger am I? Not a very good one lemme tell ya that. Haha, anyway, so the other day I saw that Colourpop were…

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