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Goby Electric Toothbrush Review : A Luxe Toothbrush

With the COVID-19, I now have the time or rather I should say, focus, to talk about certain things that are a part of my daily routine; but that don’t get highlighted by me often enough.

Most of our beauty routines have been whittled down and our health consciousness has gone up. Which is why now is the perfect time to do a review of the Goby Electric Toothbrush.

Goby electric toothbrush
Goby Electric Toothbrush

Introduction: Goby is a company that makes beautiful electric toothbrushes at price points much lower than other analogous name brands.

Pros :
I honestly can’t get over how beautiful and aesthetically pleasing these brushes are. They come in a gorgeous array of colors: metallic, monochrome, classic etc. I personally own the black/gold metallic kit.
Other than aesthetics, functionality wise too, I absolutely love this toothbrush. The main factor is the small round brush head that enables me to get excellent results. You end up with a thoroughly clean mouth every time. You can literally get into every crevice every gap in your teeth.
It has two speeds : one fast and one slower for sensitive teeth.
The brushing session is timed to last for two minutes, and of course you can extend it longer if you need. It also has a 30 second timer to remind you to switch areas of your teeth.
One of the best parts about this brush is the incredible battery life. I swear I have had my kit for almost 2 years now and I still only have to recharge it once every 10-14 days. I am incredibly impressed.
This is one of those items that I feel like gifting every single member of my family.

Cons : The only con is that the body of the brush holds toothbrush-water and you have to carefully rinse it out everyday or else there will be residue buildup. Similarly, clean the stand regularly.

Goby Electric Toothbrush

Goby electric toothbrush

Kit Details : When you originally buy the Goby electric toothbrush, it comes with the actual toothbrush, the brush head, a brush head cover, a charger and the stand. You have the option to buy it with or without a subscription option for both the toothbrush or the brush head. Of course, the frequency of the subscription is upto you and it is a little cheaper with the subscription option.

I haven’t changed my main body since I got it almost a couple years ago. I’ve gotten into the habit of ordering 2 brush heads every few months because they have a very small $12 minimum shipping requirement and two brush heads gets me over that.

Price : A Goby electric toothbrush costs $75.00 for a one-time brush kit purchase ; $60.00 with a subscription ; $6.00 for all subsequent replacement brush heads

Find the toothbrush here

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Neha • April 11, 2020

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