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What's in My Shower

What’s in My Shower: Body, Hair and Skin Care

First blog post after the New Year feels so good! The start of the year has been very good and kind, and I am so super grateful because last year wasn’t the greatest. In any case, a quick life update. I’ve moved to Indiana! I switched jobs and got a job here and it’s the first time in my life that I’m living truly alone. I lived with parents till age 17 and then had a slew of roommates all throughout college and grad school. I’m finally getting to experience what living alone (and having ample space for all my beauty thingies!) feels like. So, with that same logic – I figured I’d start with a What’s in My Shower post. I can now keep as many products in my shower as I like without having to share the space with anyone. So let’s get into it.

What’s in My Shower: Haircare
What's in My Shower

What’s in My Shower

Living Proof Full Shampoo

In my most recent blog post, I wrote about a plethora of empties. One of which had a Living Proof shampoo in them – the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Shampoo. And I wrote about how I thought that shampoo was over-hyped and how I’ve tried quite a bit of stuff from Living Proof but never seem to really love anything. Well, that may have changed. I wouldn’t say the Living Proof Full Shampoo is my ride or die, but it is one of the top most good shampoos I have tried. It does such a thorough job of cleaning my hair but it doesn’t strip it and make it drier than it already is. I don’t notice that I have too much volume in my hair after using this, but it certainly doesn’t make my hair flatter and weighed down either. I am enjoying using this, but once I run out, I am aching to get the OGX shampoos back in my life again. However, if you are a die hard Living Proof fan, this shampoo is actually a great one to check out. I got it on half off sale at Ulta, and if that happens again, I would certinaly buy it. I just don’t love it enough to pay full price.
Miscellaneous: Retails for $25.00 for an 8 oz bottle and is available at several places including Ulta.

Klorane Nutri Reparative Mask with Desert Date

After using Shampoo with Desert date, apply the mask to hair lengths and ends. Leave on for 5 minutes. Rinse. For a deep treatment, leave on for 20 minutes, wrap in a towel and then rinse. Use once a week as a deep treatment or more frequently for very damaged hair – Klorane

Instead of regular conditioner, I now only have a deep conditioning mask in my shower atm. Because I only wash my hair twice a week, I figured I should be deep conditioning my hair twice a week also, so I just cut out the conditioner from my routine altogether. However, I do have a mini Living Proof conditioner just sitting there in the shower just in case I’m in no mood to do the hair mask. Anyway so back to the mask. This is supposed to be a deep treatment for very dry, damaged, brittle hair and it’s supposed to hydrate, nourish and strengthen it. I like this mask, I do. But it takes a while for it to work. So if you want the true benefits of this mask, you need to leave this in for about 20 minutes or more I’d say. Then it really does nourish your hair. With the crazy dryness my hair is suffering through right now, the quick 5 minute mask route just doesn’t seem to cut it atm. So my point is, if you wanted something fast, this is probably not your product. Or if you don’t have very dry hair, then this’ll work for you just fine in 5 minutes I imagine. One of the best parts about this mask is that it doesn’t weigh your hair down whatsoever and this is coming from me who has extremely fine and thin and easily weighed down hair. It also smells very pleasant.
Miscellaneous: A 5.07 oz tub retails for $26.00. I find this brand to be very lovely and everything is in the middle price range. Not too terribly expensive. It is available at both Sephora and Ulta.

What's in My Shower

What’s in My Shower

Klorane Nutri-Reparative Leave-In Cream with Desert Date

Okay, next up is another product from the same Klorane Desert Date range. This may not be an exact “What’s in My Shower’ product, but this does live in my bathroom. This is more of an after shower product. This is one of those stock standard leave-in creams. It has a light but slightly thick milky consistency. It spreads easily throughout the hair. Usually, once I am out of the shower, I towel dry my hair, do a little bit of skincare and then put this leave-in cream on. I use this strictly on days where I am not heat styling my hair at all. Because if I am heat styling, I like to use other mousses, thermal protectants etc. As far as detangling goes, I don’t think this does too well or too bad for my extremely tangle-prone hair. It’s like right in the middle in terms of detangling performance. It does give good moisture to the hair and perhaps most importantly, it doesn’t weight my hair down at all. If you leave it in for about 20 mins while you get ready and then go ahead and brush your hair out, you’ll tend to get the best results. I will continue to use this as I love using this to avoid making my hair look like I just got off from the Medusa run salon.
Miscellaneous: Retails for $18.00 for 4.2 oz and available at both Sephora and Ulta.

Living Proof Restore Perfecting Spray

Finally! A Living Proof product that I wholeheartedly adore. I absolutely adore this. I did a full blog post of about three or four products from the Restore line that I received from Influenster last year. Of all of those, this spray was/is by far my favorite. It is an excellent detangler and heat protectant all in one. After I get out of the shower, I will spray this in my hair quite generously. Even with a generous amount of product, this has NEVER weighed my hair down one bit. Then I leave it on for a few minutes while I do other aspects of my skincare, and when my hair about 40% or more dry, I will go in and blow dry it. It does such a good job of detangling my horridly tangly hair. My hair always looks good after I use this and not dry at all. All in all, this is a 5/5 kinda product.
Miscellaneous: It retails for $28.00 for 8 oz and is available at both Sephora and Ulta.

Batiste Dry Shampoo

I thought I’d give an honorable mention to my ever favorite Batiste Dry Shampoo. It is one I use about 5 days a week, so it stays even more constant in my bathroom than any other product really. I’ve raved about this dry shampoo over and over so I won’t be redundant anymore. But just know that this for me, has beat several high end (and other inexpensive) dry shampoos by a mile.
Miscellaneous: If you have a TJ Maxx/Marshalls in your neighborhood, I suggest you check it out there. It’s always much cheaper in those places. If not, Ulta carries it as well. And for my fellow dark haired ladies, there are two dark tinted versions of the dry shampoo which are bomb diggity. Retails for anywhere between $4.00 – $15.00 for a myriad of sizes.

What’s in My Shower: Bodycare

Hempz Pomegranate Body Wash 

I’ll come straight to the point. I do not like this body wash. And that’s surprising because I’m usually not finicky about body wash at all. But this one has a few cons for me. Firstly, it smells okay, but somehow I imagined the pomegranate fragrance to be better than it actually is. It’s not terrible at all, don’t get me wrong. But if you’re paying $19.00 for a body wash, you do want it to be dang near perfect. And that’s another con. The price. This retails for $19.00 for for 9 oz. I find that to be slightly more expensive than I care to invest in a body wash. Plus, this doesn’t have the best lather, so you end up having to use a lot. Which basically means you’ll run out of this quicker. The lack of lather may be from the good and natural ingredients in this wash, but I really don’t care for it. I’m sure there are good body washes out there that lather well. I bought this at TJ Maxx, so I didn’t pay full price. So if you can find it at a discount, then maybe it’s worth checking it out. Otherwise I say, skip it. Oh and one positive about it though. It does not dry out the skin whatsoever, so that’s a definite plus.
Miscellaneous: Retails for $19.00 for 9 oz and is available at Ulta

What's in My Shower

What’s in My Shower

Hempz Creamy Papaya and Shea Body Lotion 

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum lies this body lotion. I HATE the scent of papaya and I HATE the scent of shea. So naturally you’d think I’d stay away from a lotion that combines both of these scents. But no! In fact, I thought I’d like the Pomegranate scent and I didn’t like it and I thought I’d hate this scent but I actually absolutely LOVE it. I have had one other bottle of the Hempz body lotion before, so I already knew I liked the formula. The formula is your standard fantastic body lotion – not too light but not too greasy – just sits perfectly in the middle and is very moisturizing. Does everything it’s supposed to do and smells frickin’ delicious. I would definitely repurchase this again!
Miscellaneous: Hempz products are available at Ulta, but it seems this particular scent isn’t. You can get this scent on Amazon. However, as I am researching this, it seems that this scent has been phased out (or could have been limited ed to begin with). I got mine at TJ Maxx but they usually have various scents in stock so you never know which one you’ll find.

What's in My Shower

What’s in My Shower

What’s in My Shower: Skincare

St Ives Apricot Scrub 

Lots of people are violently against this product. Apparently these kinds of scrubs cause micro tears in the skin. To each their own. I use this once a week, in the shower, to really get my skin completely reset and free of the week’s junk etc. This scrub works for me, has worked for me for years, so I am going to continue using this until I don’t feel like it anymore. This does a good job of brightening my skin too, albeit temporarily.
Miscellaneous: It retails for $3.59 and can be found in every drugstore. 

Bioderma Hydrabio Micellar Water

I of course have other combinations of cleansers, and other skincare products that I rotate through. But St Ives and Bioderma are some of my long standing staples so I figured these two are the most appropriate to include in my What’s in My Shower post. So Bioderma. Everyone in the beauty conscious world knows Bioderma for sure. There are several versions of the Bioderma Micellar Water. I am currently using the Hydrabio (blue) version, but my favorite is the regular Sensibio (pink) version. I find that the Hydrabio is just a tad stickier than the original. Usually what happens is, if I have used my scrub in the shower, I’ll get out of the shower and swipe the face with some Bioderma to do a double cleanse before going in with the rest of my skincare. Other times, I use Bioderma to take off the first layer of makeup on my face also. Or if I have to go to work in the mornings and I am late that particular morning, instead of face wash, I’ll just do a quick swipe of this and be on my way.
Miscellaneous: Bioderma is available at a variety of online retailers, Dermstore being one of them. It retails for $10.90 for an 8.33 oz bottle which is very inexpensive and well worth it imo.

Alrighty my loves! Hope you enjoyed taking a peek at what’s in my shower. If you guys have any questions or comments about any of these, please let me know. Also, if you have similar What’s in My Shower posts of your own, please leave a link to them down below and I’d love to check them out.

Stay Beautiful,


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Neha • January 14, 2018

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  1. Sal UmmBaby January 17, 2018 - 3:31 am Reply

    Klorane is a brand I want to try at some point in the future. I used the Bioderma micellar but it wasn’t special enough for me to part with quite so much money for it again lol! It is a lovely formula though and I appreciate the reverse pump 😉 xxx

  2. Kiran May 13, 2018 - 3:01 pm Reply

    Really enjoyed this post, I find haircare in particular to be really interesting as hair is so personal. Thank you for sharing, I love Living Proof products as well x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

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