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March Empties

March Empties: Mini Reviews 2017

Let me start with a bit of life update which’ll help explain why I’m writing March empties in October. So I’ve been moving around a fair bit. I graduated from grad school in May of this year. Ever since January of this year (my graduating semester), I had been having trouble spending time on blogging because I had a thesis to defend. So January – May was just a daze of a whole host of school related stuff. When graduation rolled around, the newest worry in my life was that I hadn’t landed a job yet. And being an international student in the states, you only get three months to look for a job. So needless to say, I had to focus more on job ¬†hunting and those things and again, blogging took a back seat. I moved around from place to place, couch surfing with friends until I got a job. Now I finally have and I’ve moved from Texas to California. The reason I’m giving you this backstory is because the title of this post is March Empties. Basically, I haven’t been able to keep up with my empties post for all the aforementioned reasons. So I’m again starting the posts where I left off and naming this a March empties for 2017. But, if you’re not familiar with the empties concept, in today’s post I’m talking about and reviewing products that I completely used and finished up. The reason people do these is because when you actually empty and use up an entire product, you have a solid, no doubt in your mind kind of idea of whether it worked for you or not. So with my apologies for the long intro, let’s get started ūüôā

March Empties

March Empties: Hair Care

Renpure Rosemary Mint Cleansing Conditioner
Let me start off the March empties with the most mind-blowing product. I am not exaggerating, not kidding when I say this product completely changed my hair. You know bloggers usually try a shit ton of products and even if some are good, I can personally attest that there are only a handful that I would consider to be life-changing. This one is it. This post is not about cleansing conditioners so I don’t want to go into the details of the concept. But a cleansing conditioner is basically exactly what it sounds like. A conditioner that cleanses. So this product is kinda 2 in 1 – you don’t have to have a shampoo plus a conditioner. This is all you need. The reason I say this changed my hair is because it is one of the most gentle yet effective products I’ve used for my hair and believe me, my hair has loved every second of it. I was never the person who had great hair, or like enviable long voluminous hair. My hair never grew past my shoulders. I mean my hair is still fine and thin, but compared to what it was before, I have so much more health and volume in my hair. The most noticeable and significant change is how non-dry, nourished and LONG I’ve been able to get my hair. Even if you don’t care about long hair or anything, a cleansing conditioner is great just for the overall health of your hair. So this is what I do. In a week, I only wash my hair three times. One of those times will be with traditional shampoo because I really want to scrub my hair completely clean of all the gunk and buildup of the week. The rest of the two times I’ll use a cleansing conditioner so that I can keep my use of traditional shampoos to a minimum thereby promoting the overall growth and health of my hair. Do I sound like a commercial yet? I promise this is a fantastic product. And I know Sephora carries a brand that sells cleansing conditioners. I’m sure they’re good, but they’re like upwards of $40.00 ! And this Renpure one is literally $6 bucks at Walmart and Target (or $10 at other drugstores). It is honestly such an amazing product for such a low cost. Plus they have a few different fragrances too. I bought the Rosemary Mint one because I wanted something refreshing for summer. It took me almost 6 months to finish up this product. My hair is thinner so I don’t need all that much – but still, it won’t run out too fast and won’t be a burden on the pocket even if you have to repurchase like 3 times a year.
Will I Repurchase – I’ve used two bottles of this, so even though I love it, just for the sake of variety I bought the cleansing conditioner from the brand Unwash. It was like $7 at Costco. If I like it as much as this one, I’ll update you guys.

March Empties: Body Care

Hempz Vanilla Plum Body Moisturizer
The moment I emptied this, I bought another one. So that should already tell you something. If you guys have ever read any of my empties posts, you’ll know that I always always have at least one body moisturizer in there and it’s usually from Bath and Body Works. So it’s a little surprising to me to have any other lotion in my March empties. But hear me out. I go through moisturizer fairly quickly because I’m pretty good at remembering to moisturize the moment I get out of the shower. I have always stuck to BBW because I could always get them on sale, they were effective and delicious smelling and I just never found a need to switch it up. But one day, I found these Hempz body lotions at TJ Maxx. And I have seen the Hempz ones at Ulta, but they’re usually like $24.00 a bottle and I’m a person who hoards all of her lotions in the Bath and Body Works $3 lotion sales. So I definitely wasn’t going to shell out $24.00. But when I saw these at TJ Maxx, they were exactly half off at $12.00. So, I decided to grab one on a whim. And I fell in love. With everything from the delicious vanilla plum scent to the gorgeous rich but not heavy consistency of the moisturizer. It is one of those moisturizers that sits perfectly in the middle – very good at moisturizing, spreads well, not overly heavy and sticky, but not so light that you feel like you didn’t moisturize at all. They have a great range of scents and when I finished this Vanilla Plum one I bought the creamy papaya one. I’m yet to crack that one open, but I’m sure you’ll see it in an empties post soon enough. Oh and I forgot the key point. These moisturizers are made with hemp seed oil which is supposed to be amazing for the skin. So yay.
Will I Repurchase – Already have. In the Creamy Papaya scent.

March Empties: Skin Care

March Empties

Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask
Starting off the skincare March Empties with one of my most favorite discoveries of the past year. I know I only have the tiny size, but honestly, since this is a gel mask, a little goes a long way. This mask is unique because it is both a hydrating as well as an exfoliating mask. It is so so refreshing and cooling, my skin actually craves and appreciates the lovely feeling of this mask. For me, my skin does feel stressed when I’ve worn makeup for over 5 hours in a day. So when I come home and start to wash off my makeup, I’m always double cleansing, and by default my skin feels undernourished and like it immediately needs something soothing. In comes this lovely mask. And the cherry on the cake is that it is meant to lightly exfoliate the skin. So after a long day of makeup wearing, and pollution, my skin really needs a product exactly like this to help clean out the pores but also hydrate at the same time. My only con is the astronomical price of this. I really want the full size of it, and I do think the price is worth it, but $52 is still such a pretty penny that I do need to give it a good long thought before splurging that much.
Will I Repurchase –¬†My usual skincare principle is that I prefer not to spend much on masks (since they’re wash off and not very effective in the long term benefits) and I like spending more on serums and treatments. But if I find this mask in a set or I feel spendy, I might just get this during the holidays.

March Empties

Pearlessence Hydrating Face Mists
Anyone who’s been on my Instagram lately will not be surprised that these mists are in my March empties. The Pearlessence face mists come in a variety of fragrances. These are face mists or facial sprays that you can use any time during the day for a burst of hydration to the skin or use them in your skin care routine after you’ve cleansed, masked, and toned and before serums and moisturizers. The main benefit of these mists is hydration. Again, whenever I cleanse my skin, no matter how gentle the cleanser, my dry skin type just feels like it immediately needs some relief. So after I finish cleansing, and masking and toning, I spray this on my face liberally and allow that hydration to really sink in. Then I’ll go down, make coffee or dinner or something and end my night with putting on serum and moisturizer afterward. Another thing is that face mists are supposed to be categorized as ‘toners’ as well. I’m not too sure on the science of that. But word of caution – if you’re expecting the mists to do something miraculous or replace your moisturizer – that is NOT what they are for. Until you’ve actually used and incorporated a face mist in your routine, you won’t be able to fully experience just how essential it is to any beauty arsenal. ¬†Oh and P.S. Face mists have certainly helped me keep my skin balanced, which means it doesn’t make my skin too dry or too oily, due to which the occurrence of any severe acne is almost non-existent in my skin (I get little bumps a lot though – probably because of my shit diet). The reason these are my favorite is because these probably are the best and yet most affordable mists I’ve come across. The one MAJOR drawback is that Pearlessence Face Mists are only found at TJ Maxx (to the best of my knowledge). ¬†These retail for $6 for an 8 oz bottle. Most mists on the market are at least two if not three times that price. If getting a hold of these Pearlessence mists is going to be difficult, the other affordable mists I like are from Mario Badescu. Those retail for $7 for 4 oz.
Will I Repurchase – Needless to say, I’ve already got two back ups of the Pearlessence ones.

Simple Skincare Cleansing Facial Wipes
I got given these wipes by Simple a while ago. I usually don’t buy wipes myself because I don’t have too much use for them. However, ever since I got these simple ones in my routine, I’ve realized it’s actually really helpful to have a pack around the house. My skincare routine usually doesn’t have any use/need for wipes, but I’m not gonna lie. There are several days when I’m so tired that you couldn’t pay me a million bucks to get out of bed and take my makeup off. In that case, I find it super handy to have some wipes around so that even if I’m not doing the full skincare regimen, I can at least take a wipe and wipe my makeup off right there in bed. That, and I also use wipes for things such as swatches etc. So, these Simple ones are actually one of the best wipes I’ve used. The main thing I love about these wipes is the material. Despite these wipes being very affordable, there are not made cheaply. The cloth quality is thick and luxurious and fantastic. I only wish that the wipes would be a tiny bit more saturated. Don’t get me wrong, these are definitely saturated with product, but, I like a bit more product so that I can feel that lovely hydration of saturated product on the skin. A 25 count packet retails for about $4 and can be found at most drugstores/Ulta.
Will I Repurchase – Not sure. I’m doing fine without wipes these days. But if I do need some, I will definitely veer towards these. Or the micellar wipes version from Simple.

Andalou Naturals Turmeric Enlight Serum
Last product in this March empties is actually a disappointing one. This serum in the picture is in an old packaging. Andalou Naturals have since repackaged (and perhaps reformulated?) the product. I spoke about this product in my 10 Disappointing Products¬†post a while ago. So I’ll just do a quick recap here. At the time that I bought this, I was looking for an inexpensive, brightening Vit C serum that would hopefully do what the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum does for me. However, that was not the case. In terms of pros, this serum has a fantastic consistency, really thin yet creamy milky that absorbs well into the skin and makes the skin feel super soft and moisturized. But in general, it did not live up to any of the claims of correcting hyper-pigmentation, ¬†and brightening, tightening the skin etc. So, for me, this was kinda one of those nice to use but do nothing type of products.
Will I Repurchase – No. I’ve already repurchased my Ole Henriksen serum instead. Although, I did purchase a different kind of skincare product from Andalou Naturals that I’ll talk about either here or on Instagram at some point.

Alright my loves! Those were some of my recent empties. Let me know if there has been something you’ve emptied recently that you absolutely loved (like the Renpure for me) or even hated. Other than that, can I just say how excited I am about all the crazy launches happening these days, especially with the holidays coming up. That means that I’ll hopefully be more consistent and do more reviews on the blog. Please leave me any thoughts comments or questions down below or come say hi on Instagram (click on the little insta icon to your right or bottom of the page). Until the next one …

Stay beautiful,



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