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YSL All Hours Foundation

YSL All Hours Foundation Review

Hello hello loves! Long time no see. With the Texas hurricane and me moving around here and there a little, it’s been complicated to test makeup, take pictures, review it etc. Now that I’m a bit more settled, I’m here with a review of the YSL All Hours Foundation  that I’ve been testing for the past month. I’m sure you guys have already heard some buzz over it, but if you’d like to know my thoughts, let’s get started 🙂

YSL All Hours Foundation – Packaging

YSL All Hours Foundation

It’s YSL. That two worded sentence basically explains to you that the packaging is going to be luxurious and gorgeous by default. The bottle is a frosted glass style. Very weighty, very luxury. The back has the ingredients and a bunch of information printed, the front has some more printing and the front of the cap has the beautiful gold YSL lettering. The sides have this black strip running down them which I find is such a little but such a pretty touch. The bottle has a pump which of course is the norm for most foundations (Estee Lauder I’m talking to you).

YSL All Hours Foundation – Price

This foundation retails for a whopping (but not surprising for luxury brands) $58. For that kinda money, you need to be really really sure you love this foundation. And hopefully my review can help you with making that decision. Also worth noting that you don’t get a full 1 oz which is standard for most foundations. You only get 0.84 fl oz for the price, so that’s slightly disappointing. It is available at Sephora for those of us in the US.

YSL All Hours Foundation – Shade Range

Here is where the first con comes in. Even though the number of shades isn’t terrible – there are 22 – I think it is definitely insufficient. More so, from all the pics and everything I’ve seen of the swatches, the shades and undertones are just very lacking and don’t quite cover a wide range of skin tones. And it is unfortunately an issue even today, the darker spectrum of the shades leaves a lot to be desired. Hopefully, they’ll expand the shades, but I feel like at least these larger luxury companies can easily afford to bring out more shades (take a cue from Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line people).

YSL All Hours Foundation

YSL All Hours Foundation – Product

Claims – This claims to be a product for everyone but dry skin types since it is supposed to be a matte foundation. It has all kinds of claims about blurring pores and fine lines and everything. It claims to have the kind of formula that won’t cake, fade, or flake. It also claims to be extremely long lasting even in the hottest of weathers. It also claims to be infused with anti oxidants that protect the skin from pollution.

Pros – 

1. Finish – So now that we’ve read the claims let me dissect them. First of all, this foundation has a gorgeous finish. It is so so beautiful even on my dry skin. Even though this foundation is matte, it is not the bone sucking skin sagging kind of matte. It is a very natural matte finish which is why it actually does work even for my dry skin type. Don’t get me wrong, my skin definitely needs lots of prime and prep and hydration before I can wear this for the entire day.

2. Coverage – This foundation claims to be full coverage. I’d say this is a solid medium coverage which leans heavily on the fuller side. So basically, you’d need one more tiny layer of foundation to build the coverage up to a full full coverage. This is the kind of foundation that you only wear during special events, photo sessions or when you want to look full glam. When you wear this, people will be able to tell you’re wearing makeup. It’s nowhere near close to a natural looking foundation. That and the combination of its price point compels me to use this for special occasions. It does do a good job of making the skin look poreless, flawless. Like I said, this is event makeup.

3. Longevity – I think this foundation lasts really well. Before the hurricane, I was able to wear it out in the Texan heat and it held up well without caking flaking or anything gross. Then again, this is subjective because I do have a drier skin type so I rarely have issues with the oils of my skin making me look cakey.

4. Application – Both a brush and a sponge work really well with this foundation. The brush gives a slightly more fuller coverage, for me, I’d like a sponge simply because of my dry skin type.

YSL All Hours Foundation

Cons (Subjective)

  1. Fragrance – This foundation has a significant scent. You know those expensive perfumes that these luxury brands have in their line? It feels like the product is scented with one of those. Very floral. I personally LOOOVE the scent and it doesn’t irritate my skin nor do I mind it. However, if you’re sensitive to smells, stay far far away.
  2. Price – The price is/can be a con depending on your budget, what you like to spend on foundations and all that.
  3. Shade range – As we discussed, the shade range is kind of a big con.
  4. Sunscreen – This foundation has SPF 20. That can be a good or a bad thing. Considering that this is more of an event makeup like I described, the inclusion of SPF can cause flashback. So be careful when doing flash photography. If you’re wearing this during the day then the SPF is a great thing to keep your skin protected from the sun.

Summary – Let me start by saying, I was given this foundation complimentary from Influenster for testing. So if I were to go out and spend my money on this foundation, would I? Yes. I am planning on getting a different color at the end of the year maybe. I am debating between this and the Too Faced Born This Way, but yes, I would definitely consider this foundation out of my own pocket. This finish, the coverage and the longevity overall make me very happy with this product.

That’s it my loves! If you have or want to try this foundation, have any thoughts or feedback, let’s chat in the comments down below. Other than that, I hope you all have been well and I’ll see you soon with another post.

Stay beautiful,


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Neha • September 24, 2017

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