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June Favorites

June Favorites 2017: Products I Love

I have the most amazing set of favorites to talk about this month. I am so head over heels for all of these products and I can’t wait to share it with you guys. This is also the first time I have ever done a favorites post on my blog actually! I usually used to do monthly empties; but ever since graduation and moving and everything, it was hard to store and lug around my empty products. So for this month at least, I’m doing a favorites post. Let’s begin with my June favorites shall we?

June Favorites: Makeup

June Favorites

  1. L’Oreal Lumi Cushion Foundation
    Let’s start off the June favorites with my favorite foundation. Oh where do I even begin with this one. Well, first of all, I’ve done a full review on this so if you want to read a complete in dept schpeal, please feel free to check it out here. This cushion is one of my favorite foundations ever. I think that the coverage it gives is so perfect! The coverage is a solid medium, it covers a lot on my skin and I definitely have problematic skin 24/7. The finish is very dewy which is fantastic for my dry skin, I’m not too sure how it would work for oily skins. It lasts so well, has zero cakiness and is so perfect for summer hence it’s back in my rotation. This is the foundation where I have received compliments on my skin, and how my makeup looks beautiful. All in all, I could not rave more about this foundation.
  2. BareMinerals Invisible Light Translucent Powder Duo
    This is a newer product for my June favorites, I got it a few weeks ago from TJ Maxx for a very affordable price. This is a powder duo that has two types of powders – one is a matte and one is a glowy powder. Both the powders are phenomenal. The matte one is actually really good for dry skin people as well. It isn’t too  heavy or too powdery. In fact it is so subtle, that the name is actually very apt – it looks invisible on the skin. However, I would probably save this duo for the winter months when I want to set my face but not dry it out. For summer, I think I prefer to stick with my Coty Airspun powder because that really mattifies the skin and helps makeup to last longer in these sweaty months. The glowy side of the duo is great as well. It gives an all over subtle glow sort of like the Hourglass powders concept. A huge thumbs up for this product!
  3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz
    There’s really not much to say here considering anyone and everyone in the beauty world knows about this product. The brow wiz is a brow pencil that has the perfect consistency – not too creamy, not too waxy, amazing longevity and just the right amount of pigmentation. I will say this though. The L’Oreal Brow Stylist Definer is the exact same. So once I’m done with the two ABH pencils I have, I won’t repurchase because the drugstore has the perfect option for me. There is literally no difference between the two. Except if you can’t find your brow shade at the drugstore, then maybe you’d want to go for ABH since they have a wider color range.
  4. Benefit Gimme Brow
    Sticking with the theme of brows, once I am done pencilling my brows in, I finish up by running a brow gel through them. The Benefit Gimme Brow is a great brow gel – the brush is really tiny so it’s perfect to run through the brows. The formula is very long lasting and gives a fuller look to the brow. And it does all this with zero crunchiness. This and the Glossier boy brow have been my favorites so far.
  5. NYX Matte Lipstick in Maison 
    I had heard about this particular color from NYX ages ago, in the OG Youtube days and ever since then it’s been on my list. I picked it up a few months ago, completely forgot about it and just recently found it in my stash and tried it. And I fell in love! There is a reason this particular color is more popular. It is a very grungy slightly cool toned brown that gives the typical 90s vibes. I love wearing it alone or mixing matching with glosses and liners. The formula of the lipstick is great. Zero dryness, fully comfortable on the lips. The lasting power is not the most phenomenal in my opinion, but it really takes zero effort to reapply because it is such a smooth formula. So it doesn’t end up looking patchy or weird when you reapply.
June Favorites: Skincare

June Favorites

  1. Pearlessence Coconut Water Hydrating Mist
    I think everyone who lives and breathes in the beauty community in the States knows about this product. The Pearlessence sprays gained popularity here because of their uncanny resemblance to the Herbivore packaging. The ingredients in the sprays are solid. And the best seller is that they are hands down the most affordable sprays on the market. They retail for $6 for 8 ounces! They have at least four or five fragrances in the sprays, each one more decadent than the next. I emptied a cucumber scent before this and now this is my second bottle and the coconut scent could not be more perfect for the summer. I am not even that huge a fan of coconut or coconut scents, but this scent is so natural and not sickly artificial that I actually enjoy it. It literally does make me feel like I could be sitting under a coconut tree on some island for those few seconds that I spray this. And these types of refreshing mists are a complete must have in these hot months. This product is exclusive to TJ Maxx, but you can actually find it online on the TJ Maxx website. And I just recently saw that Pearlessence as a brand is being carried at Urban Outfitters, but not too many products are being carried. So the best bet is TJ Maxx either in store or online.
  2. ELF Lip Exfoliator
    This has possibly been the best discovery of mine in terms of convenient daily use skincare. I love exfoliating my lips every so often. Because my lips are naturally pigmented, they can start to build up pigment over time and with sun exposure. So I like to exfoliate them in order to make sure I am keeping the blood circulation running and keep the skin from having dry patchy flakes. I used to love the Lush lip exfoliator that comes in delicious flavors but comes in jars. Ever since I discovered the Elf stick lip exfoliators, I have not looked back. Trust me, once you try this stick form, you’ll never want to go back to jars either. The formula of these Elf lip exfoliators is amazing! It has a ton of grit to really get in there and slough away dead skin. But it is not so harsh you feel like you’re physically peeling your lips away layer by layer. It is just absolutely perfect. And they come in a variety of flavors. The one I have is just their regular original flavor. And of course, we all know how incredibly affordable Elf is, so it is a complete win win.
  3. Yes To Coconut Ultra Hydrating Melting Cleanser
    This next product is a forever favorite of mine – not just specific to my June favorites. Again, if you’d like to read a proper in depth product review on this, I did one a little while ago which you can check out here. This is my absolute holy grail balm type cleanser. But unlike other balm type cleansers I own, I actually don’t use this for cleansing my makeup off – I use it for cleansing the skin. I love the consistency of this – you squeeze a little product out into the hand and massage it all over the face by adding just a little bit of water. The coconut really nourishes the skin and feels luxurious. This is one of those cleansers I use almost every day. Every time you think your skin is problematic and acting up and you just need a basic no nonsense cleanser with good ingredients – this is your guy.
  4. The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Africa Honey & Beeswax Hand and Foot Butter
    This is a sad one to talk about because this particular product has been discontinued now. I absolutely love this hand and foot butter. It has the most amazing scent and the texture. It is extremely nourishing both for the hand and feet. Every night I massage this into my feet and rub it over my hands to keep everything smooth and supple. I can’t explain it but something about this particular lotion is unique which is why I am sad about its discontinuance.
June Favorites: Fragrance

June Favorites

  1. Calvin Klein CK2 Eau De Toilette

This has been a signature fragrance of mine for the last year and half. The fragrance lasts so well it’s incredible! You can easily smell this on your clothes even days after. Which is one of the things lot of higher end fragrances should do considering they’re expensive, so you’d want to be able to smell them on you for a long while. This perfume is a very fresh scent. It’s clean, delicious, with a hint of floral and so fresh, perfect as a unisex fragrance. I would gladly repurchase it but I need to finish the remainder of this and another perfume I have before buying this one again. And the good thing about Calvin Klein perfumes is that they’re one of the more affordable fragrances in the realm of high end brands. By affordable I mean that they’re not as expensive as say Chloe or Tom Ford or something.

That’s it loves! I hope you liked reading up on my June favorites and maybe found some inspiration for new things to try. Please let me know if you have any thoughts or questions about any of these. And also let me know what your favorites have been lately. Thank you for stopping by. Until the next one …

Stay beautiful,


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Neha • July 15, 2017

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  1. Ash July 16, 2017 - 7:58 am Reply

    I have not tried any of these but I am keen to try ELF exfoliator. I have been seeing this for years now and really wanted to try.

    Ash | http://www.mstantrum.com

    • Neha July 24, 2017 - 2:03 pm Reply

      Yes hun! It is such a simple concept but oh so convenient.

  2. Mariyam July 18, 2017 - 10:30 pm Reply

    These products look amazing especially L’Oreal cushion foundation and Yes to Coconut cleanser!

    • Neha July 24, 2017 - 2:02 pm Reply

      Fantastic choice 😉 Those are literally my all time faves 😀

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