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Living Proof Restore

Living Proof Restore Hair Care Review

Hello loves! It seems like I am on a hair care roll lately. My second to last review was on the new L’Oreal Extraordinary Clay Hair line which I will link here if you’d like to browse that. But today, we are talking about some products that I have tried from the Living Proof Restore…

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Blue Brown Eyeshadow

Blue Brown Eyeshadows: Affordable Dupes

You know when you have one of those days when you just want to play with makeup? Go through things in your collection? The swatching, the testing, the smelling is such a fun thing to do on those relaxed days. I was having one of those today, taking pictures, arranging, playing with makeup. When suddenly,…

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L'Oreal Extraordinary ClayL'Oreal Extraordinary Clay

L’Oreal Extraordinary Clay Haircare Review

So helloo guys. As you can guess from the title, today we are reviewing the recently launched L’Oreal Extraordinary Clay Haircare line. The whole line is created on a very unique concept. L’Oreal claims that the line is specifically designed to cater to people who have oily roots and dry ends. I feel like a lot of us fall…

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