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December empties

December Empties: Last Mini Reviews of 2016

It seems that I take the phrase ‘better late than never’ too seriously these days :D. As I’m sure you are probably tired of hearing, I love posting empties and most months I post them late but I definitely do make it a point to never miss them. Not yet anyway 🙂 So, let me chat with you about some products that have made it into my December empties from 2016. Yes, December empties.

December Empties: Purple Theme

December empties

Aussie 24 HR Mega Hairspray
Starting the December empties off on a positive note, I must say that I really wasn’t expecting to like this little hairspray guy as much as I did. I think I got this almost two years ago when a bunch of my friends and I went on spring break and these were complimentary in the hotel. I totally stole it from the hotel (yes I’m that person) knowing that I was going to want to go home and use it and review it. Well, I am pleased to report, this is actually one of the best hairsprays I’ve used. I’m not a hairspray connoisseur by any means, but I do know that I like this product in my hair. First of all, it smells straight up like grape bubblegum – I freaking love it. The scent is so deliciously potent that you can actually smell this on your hair for the rest of the day as small puffs of wind move through your hair. Secondly, this makes your hair stay put all day which is obviously the most important function of a hairspray. Lastly, this is not crunchy whatsoever! I can mist this on my hair and yet run my fingers through or run a comb through it without pulling my hair out. I don’t think there’s much else you can ask of a hairspray. Oh and of course, being that this is drugstore, it is stupid affordable.  I already have a backup of this.
Miscellaneous: A 14 oz bottle of this retails for a little over $3.00 depending on which store you get it at.

Tom’s Whole Care Fluoride Toothpaste in Wintermint
My God you guys. I never thought I’d be gushing about a toothpaste so much. Years ago I had heard some people raving about the Tom’s of Maine toothpaste line. The reason it became quite popular was because this whole line is natural. For my Texans, you can find this in your local HEBs. So first off, the flavor of this is amazing. But that’s nothing unique because a lot of toothpastes come in great flavors. The reason I will totally repurchase this is because of how EFFECTIVE it is at cleaning your teeth. I’m telling you guys, every time you use this, you will always always be able to run your fingers over your teeth and hear them go ‘squeak squeak’. Any other toothpaste that I used after this just left me feeling so dissatisfied; as if my teeth still had some film over them. I am so excited to try this out in more flavors. Highly recommend this if you’re looking to switch up your toothpaste. I ain’t no dentist, so do what you feel is right.
Miscellaneous: When I bought this from HEB it was a little more expensive. Online, I see that you can actually get this at Walmart for cheaper (links are all on the product title itself).

Cadbury Fingers
I thought I’d switch it up a bit and talk about the best thing known to man – Cadbury – freaking – fingers! You guyss! I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t have tried these by now. But for whatever inhuman reason you haven’t tried them, I implore, I beg, I grovel in front of you to try them. Your life will never be the same. Let’s leave it at that. Needless to say, I repurchase these every other month.
Miscellaneous: I’ve linked to a wholesale amount of these at Walmart, but I think one box retails for about 3 or something dollars.

Dr Teal’s Soothe and Sleep Epsom Salt Soaking Solution Lavender
These salts are a recurring feature in my empties post so it’s no surprise that they ended up in my December empties too. You know those days when you are just so dead tired that it’s almost impossible to stand on your feet? But maybe you’ve had a long day and you need to wash off the grime. Wait, if you’re too tired how will you stand up in the shower long enough? Introduce yourself to the wonderful world of epsom salts. I swear to you guys, every time I have one of those sore, achy muscles, dog tired kinda days, I go ahead and run a bath with these epsom salts. Just being able to sit in your bathtub with these salts working their magic on your body is actually one of the greatest pleasures of life let me tell ya. I have these salts in the lavender version which are supposed to be for soothing and getting you in a sleepy mode. I’m not sure if they actually make me fall asleep because usually after a bath I’m pretty drowsy anyway regardless of whether I use the salts. In any case, I will continue to repurchase these and maybe I’ll try a different scent next time.
Miscellaneous: These retail for about $5-7.00 a bag.

Clorox Disinfecting Lavender Wipes
Sticking to the lavender theme yet keeping it 100% real in this December empties, let’s talk about some Clorox shall we. We all use and love the standard Clorox wipes, but back in the day I remember having a love hate relationship with the original scent of these wipes (I think it was lemon?) From the moment I discovered the lavender version, I’m telling you my life has been changed. I do realize this is probably as unglamorous as it can get, but seriously, if you also don’t like the typical Clorox wipe smell and haven’t discovered these yet, you’ll thank me. It’s made me so much more willing to wipe down my surfaces with these things. Which has ultimately helped me in keeping my apartment as germ free as possible. Win win innit?
Miscellaneous: These retail for about $4.00.

Bath Loofah
Last quick unglamorous empty is the my bath loofah. The reason I’m including this is to remind everyone to change out their bath loofahs every three months or so. I get my loofahs from Walmart, they’re a couple bucks each and last very well. Some weird quality loofahs begin to unravel and fall apart within a few days.

December Empties: Pink Theme

December empties

Soap and Glory Hand Food
Soap and Glory is one of those brands that just know how to do scents right when it comes to bath and body products. Their product Hand Food is a very nourshing hand cream that seriously smells amazing. It has a very lovely, whipped curdled cream kinda consistency (don’t be put off that I said curdled :D). It sinks into the skin but it doesn’t sink in so much that you’re left wondering whether you actually put anything on. I personally have very dry hands and dry skin in general, so I do like to be able to feel my hand cream on my hands a little bit. Of course, after a few minutes this sinks in completely without your hands feeling greasy. The scent lingers quite a bit throughout the day until you wash your hands. And of course, this is very very moisturizing. However, the experimental blogger in me is always trying to find better things. And instead of repurchasing this, I think I found an even better hand cream at TJ Maxx. It’s by this brand called Jenna Hipp. But it’s a little weird because I can’t find that product online in any store except for amazon and stuff. Anyway, so yeah, next time you’re looking for a good hand cream, Soap and Glory’s hand food is definitely a hit in this December empties.
Miscellaneous: You can find S&G products in Ulta, Target and Walgreens also. This hand cream retails for $8.00 for the full size.

Tony Moly Red Wine Sheet Mask
I really struggle when it comes to reviewing sheet masks because I rarely ever find a difference between all the ones I try. Unless a mask smells horrible, or immediately breaks me out, I usually find that I love most every sheet mask I try. I find them all to be very hydrating when left on the skin for about 45 minutes to an hour. Your skin will feel soft and supple for about 12 hours after. But that’s it as far as the benefits go. Sheet masks are more of an instant gratification for the skin rather than a long term investment if that makes sense. They’re good on days when your skin feels extremely parched, you need to re-hydrate, or when you’re on an airplane in that horrible dry atmosphere. Or for prepping your skin right before a big event. So, this particular sheet mask from Tony Moly felt like it was really good quality. It was well saturated with essence and left my skin noticeably brighter and hydrated. I don’t know if it did too much for my pores. Even if it did, it is not a long lasting effect. I sound very off handish about sheet masks. But believe me I do use them a lot, I just don’t find that I prefer one over the other. I probably wouldn’t repurchase this one. I think 3 something bucks for a sheet mask is not something I would spend regularly. My favorite good quality and affordable sheet masks are by the brand The Creme Shop. You can always find their sheet masks at TJ Maxx for like $5.00 for 5 masks type of a deal.
Miscellaneous: This retails for $3.75 on Ulta.

Veet Wax Strip Kit
I have one of these in about 10 of my 12 yearly empties posts. These always sit in my cupboard on a constant rotation. I use these mainly to wax the underarm area. I used to use these to wax my mustache off as well. However, I’ve noticed that I start to break out and get sensitive each time I use this on my upper lip, so I’ve stopped doing that. I use an electronic tiny little razor on my face now instead.
Miscellaneous: These retail for about $5.00.

Glade Air Freshner in Blooming Peony and Cherry
Ending this December empties post with another unglamourous non-beauty related item is an air freshner. It probably couldn’t get more mainstream than me talking about the $1 Glade air freshners. But hey, I’m a student, so I obviously can’t be talking about those super bougie Joe Malone room sprays. Anyway, so I usually get super annoyed with the very limited selection of scents they have in the air freshner ranges at grocery stores. But the moment I saw this floral version, I knew I would like it. And I did. This smells like a lovely flower garden.

So that’s it guys!! Thank you for stopping by to read my December empties. I hope you had a stellar holiday season, a fantastic new year and a great start to 2017.  Until the next one ..

Stay strong,



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