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10 Disappointing Products

10 Disappointing Products of 2016

We’ve seen a lot of best of beauty 2016 types of posts on all social platforms. And while binge watching them during my school break has been one of the greatest pleasures of my life, this is also the best time to round up on some things that haven’t worked out and are just plain disappointing or basically do-nothing products. That’s exactly what I’m going to do in this post. So if you’d like to read my roundup of 10 disappointing products, then let’s chat.

10 Disappointing Products: Makeup

10 Disappointing Products

Too Faced HangoveRx Primer
I just don’t get it. What is it about this primer that makes everyone go ga-ga? I found that this literally does nothing for my skin or my makeup. It is basically a glorified coconut scented moisturizer with none of the fantastic skincare benefits that a good moisturizer for your face should have. So this has no place in my routine. I will certainly be using it up because it’s not an unbearable product. It just doesn’t do anything. I honestly think that this is just one of those over hyped products that everyone kinda jumped on the bandwagon for.
Miscellaneous: This retails for $32.00. Not worth it.

Nars Audacious Mascara
This is probably the most disappointing makeup item in my 10 disappointing products roundup. I HATE this mascara with a deep passion that I have rarely ever felt for any product before. I’m not going to waste any time in sugarcoating this one. This is a horrible mascara. First of all, the biggest deal breaker is the wand – it literally HURTS MY EYES. I have to be super super careful and go really slow so that it doesn’t hurt my eyes. But the way most of us apply mascara is by wiggling it a little bit at the roots then sweeping in order to good get good density at the roots of our lashes right? Well, you can’t even think about doing that with this. Even if I ignored the wand problem, the mascara formula itself sucks balls. It doesn’t give any volume whatsoever, it doesn’t hold a curl or stay very long and it is moderately lengthening. All of that trouble is so not worth it for an expensive-ass mascara. Drugstore mascaras are 100% better than this. Ew. Just ew.
Miscellaneous: This retails for $26.00.

Colourpop Brow Pencil in Black N’ Brown
I was in need of a new brow pencil after I finished my Loreal Brow Stylist Definer. And I looove love loved that pencil, but at the time I finished this, I was putting in a Colourpop order anyway. So I figured why not try Colourpop’s brow pencils and see how they compare to my beloved Loreal one. They don’t. The Colourpop brow pencils are a little too pigmented/creamy. And while that may sound like a positive thing, it’s not. Because the pencil is too creamy it becomes almost impossible to get natural looking brow strokes and inevitably you end up going overboard with brow product. With the Loreal one, the consistency was so perfect, no matter how much of a hurry I would be in, my brows would never be overdone and would always look natural. The whole idea of a brow pencil is that it is an easy, on-the-go type of product. If I have to spend a good 15 minutes doing my brows with the Colourpop pencil and make sure that I go very lightly and try to perfect it each time, it just beats the purpose of the pencil for me. I will use up the one I currently have, but I won’t be repurchasing.
Miscellaneous: Thankfully, this isn’t expensive at all. It retails for $5.00.

ELF Sculpt and Glow Duo Stix
This is a contour/highlight dual ended stick from ELF. The highlight side is just ok. Too golden. My disappointing aspect of this is the contour side which is the whole reason I bought this pencil in the first place. I struggle to find good contouring products which are affordable and are suitable for deeper skin tones. So when I saw this contour duo from ELF, I was excited to try it. But the problem with the contour is that it is extremely difficult to blend. Yet I try to power through and blend blend blend. But by that point the product basically just disappears from the face and then I try to reapply and blend that again and you can see how it’s basically a vicious circle. So that’s kinda disappointing for me. I’m not too heartbroken because this wasn’t expensive at all so it was a good experiment I guess.
Miscellaneous: This retails for $3.00 on their website.

Maybelline Dream Illuminating Creamy Concealer
The last makeup bit in this 10 disappointing products roundup is the new Maybelline stick concealer. This one is a very recent addition to my collection. And I usually get super excited because Maybelline are very well known for doing concealers right. You know how around this time of year, companies always launch new drugstore products? Well, this concealer is part of Maybelline’s most recent launch. I was happy to see that for once my drugstores were ahead of the game and actually had a new collection. Unfortunately, this concealer just didn’t work out for me for one simple reason – this has tiny tiny specks of glitter in it. If you get this, swatch it on your hand and rub the product in and you’ll see what I mean. And I also tested this fact out on my face. Sure enough, I had glittery undereyes. They weren’t too visible to the naked eye, but I usually inspect my makeup through a magnifying mirror and you could clearly see the disco-ball situation under the eyes. This was a pass for me. If you want to read a full review of this, I just recently did a post which I’ll link here.
Miscellaneous: This retails for $7.99 retail but the drugstores around you will have it for cheaper.

10 Disappointing Products: Skincare

10 Disappointing Products

Andalou Naturals Turmeric+C Enlight Serum
First of all, I’m looking at this online and they have repackaged the product (and maybe changed the formula) since I last bought it in June 2016. Again, I was excited to try this serum because it is actually pretty affordable and has the words ‘turmeric’, ‘vit c’ and ‘enlight’. So naturally I though that this was going to be similar to my holy grail Ole Henriksen vitamin C serum. But unfortunately, it is not. This serum feels nice, is moisturizing on the skin, it’s a light milky consistency so it’s actually a great serum for the summer. But, it just doesn’t do anything. You could be putting on a two dollar milk and water solution on your face for all the effects that this has on your skin. That’s it. I have nothing else to say. This just didn’t show any improvements for my skin and I don’t like having ineffective do-nothing products in my skincare arsenal. Plus the pump of this is horrible.
Miscellaneous: I’ve linked this product on iHerb because they’re still selling the older version I’m talking about. The newer product can be found here. This serum retails for $24.99.

DermaDoctor Kakadu C Serum
It is the same exact story with this one! I always have to have a vitamin C serum in my routine because my skin really needs it. However, this is probably the MOST disappointing product ever. For a $95.00 serum to do nothing is the most atrocious thing I think. Another huge con is that this serum is extremely sticky. It is very difficult for me to spread this on the face and if I use even a drop more than four drops, my face becomes so sticky. The only reason I’m using this up is because this is actually working as a good oil for me in this winter season where my skin is really dry and is basically soaking up the moisturization I get from this. But, I am never purchasing this ever again even though I got this half off during Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty Sale.
Miscellaneous: Retails for $95.00 and can be found at Ulta. This brand usually goes on sale twice a year during their beauty sale. So wait for one of those and don’t buy this full price.

The Ordinary Lactic Acid (10% version)
This is a product that I am very reluctantly including in this 10 disappointing products post. I wanted this to work for me so badly, but I am so disappointed that it didn’t. If you have been aware, the company Deciem launched a line of skincare known as The Ordinary. They took everyone by surprise when they kept the price point of each skincare product lower than anyone has ever seen. And I so wanted this brand to prove that good skincare products don’t have to be expensive. Alas, it didn’t. I was hoping this lactic acid to be a substitute for my beloved (and ridic expensive SR Good Genes). However, I have been using this serum regularly for three months now and it has shown no effect on my skin. It is neither bad nor good- just mediocre. I will continue to use this but I won’t repurchase.
Miscellaneous: This retails for $6.79 for 30mL.

10 Disappointing Products: Haircare

10 Disappointing Products

Shea Moisture SuperFruit Leave-In Detangler
First haircare item in this 10 disappointing products list is the shea moisture detangler. I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with this product. The hate part is because this is not effective as a detangler whatsoever. Like not one bit. So for the function it’s meant to do, it’s useless. And a little expensive considering that this does nothing. It’s even made for wavy curly hair which should mean that it is supposed to be more nourishing, but even on my fine hair this is ineffectual. The love part comes in because this is the BEST smelling hair product I have ever tried. EVER. And it lingers in your hair for a good two days if you don’t layer too many other products on top. The massive amount of compliments I have received on how my hair smelled when I wore this is unbelievable. And for that reason, I will use this bottle up but I definitely won’t be repurchasing this. Before this, I used to have a detangler by Mane and Tail that worked much better than this and was less than half the price.
Miscellaneous: This retails for $12.99 at Ulta which I think is a complete waste of thirteen bucks. I’m glad I got this on sale.

Eva NYC Freshen Up Dry Shampoo
Last up in the 10 Disappointing products lineup is a dry shampoo from Eva NYC. I had heard from someone on Instagram that this is supposed to be even better than Batiste. And anyone who knows me knows my intense love affair with the Batiste dry shampoos. Unfortunately, this Eva NYC dry shampoo was a dud. On the positive side, it feels really great in the hair and its texture is unlike any other – it leaves your hair feeling silky and touchably smooth which is very rare for a dry shampoo to do. However, the biggest con of this product is that it does nothing to absorb the oils from the hair which is the most important function of a dry shampoo. The moment I spray this on and leave the house, my hair falls flat, limpy and greasy within an hour or so. Since I have this in my collection now and it’s too late to return it, I’m going to finish it up by using it as a second day dry shampoo. My hair will not function without my Batiste on the third/fourth days.
Miscellaneous: This retails for $11.99 at Ulta.

Alright loves! That was my current 10 Disappointing products roundup. I hope you enjoyed reading the post and maybe found some helpful views. If you love any one of these products, my apologies for bashing it. These are just things that didn’t work out for me personally. Until the next one ..

Stay beautiful,


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