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Loreal Cushion Foundation Review

Hello loves! December is that month where every beauty enthusiast starts to reflect on what their favorite products have been for the past year. As I start to post my own list on Instagram, I figured that I’d do a review of any important products that I think are worth making a blog post about. So when I think of  my favorite foundation discovery from this year, there are two candidates that come to mind. However, after much deliberation, I decided that the Loreal Cushion Foundation is perhaps the better candidate of the two (the other was the ABH Stick Foundation) considering the amount of use I’ve gotten out of it.  So, let’s chat about the reasons why I think this is my favorite foundation.

Loreal Cushion Foundation Review

loreal cushion foundation

Not gonna lie, possibly the first thing that compelled me to purchase this foundation was its rose gold packaging haha. Basic bitch, I know. No but seriously, I like the packaging of this. Very standard cushion foundation packaging and like I said, the lid is pretty. Its not too bulky and it could easily come in handy during travel.

Shade Range
The Loreal cushion foundations come in a variety of 12 shades. While that is definitely not enough to cover all the spectra of skin tones that humans are, but, I do give Loreal credit because unlike some stupid brands (Physicians Formula, I’m looking at you), they at least don’t make just like three shades and call it a day. I want to see the day where every company would stop categorizing everyone into light medium dark. Like seriously, grow the hell up. Kay, I’m going off on a tangent, but you get my point. Good job Loreal. You’re one of the better drugstore brands when it comes including various skin tones. I use the shade W5.5 Suntan. For reference, I am a medium-tan, NC 42 type skin tone.

loreal cushion foundation

If you aren’t familiar with cushion foundations, these are basically foundations that have been thoroughly soaked into a porous cushion into which you dip your preferred tool of application and pick up the product. The loreal cushion foundation is a very very veryy wet formula. There are some cushions with a slightly drier formula that may be suited to oilier skins perhaps. But this one, is certainly a very wet formula. IMO, it is best for normal to dry to super dry skins. Now here is the magical part. Even though this is a super dewy foundation, it gives the PERFECT amount of coverage. I would say this is a light to medium coverage. This is one foundation that I can safely say is very buildable and will never cake up on you. The finish of this is very dewy on the skin. Which I love. It looks gooorgeous. And for anyone worried about creasing, longevity etc, of course there’s nothing a little setting powder won’t fix. Personally, if I were to wear this in the winter, I wouldn’t set it seeing as the environment is so dry anyway. In summer, I would definitely set it so that it doesn’t melt off my face.

You will see a lot of youtubers dip their brushes or their beauty blenders into the cushion and work the product like that. And if that works for you, then kudos. However, I do think that these cushions were designed very specifically. What I mean is, cushion foundations come with an airless puff in the compact itself. They are tailor made to work with cushion formulas – they are more hygienic (antibacterial and antimicrobial), they pick up just the exact amount of product, and they give a kind of airbrushed look and finish that your regular brush or sponge won’t give. Again, the airless puff is my preferred method, and I’ve noticed that the finish on my skin looks infinitely better with it. But if a sponge or brush works better for you, then please, don’t change on my account.

My Experience
This is hands down my favorite foundation so far. I cannot believe that a luminous dewy foundation gives me enough coverage to hide all the problematic areas of my face. It really does look like second skin and I don’t say that lightly. This is the only foundation I’ve worn where people have actually come up and complimented me. That is how I know it must be doing something right 😉 As always, I’ll make a quick pros and cons list so that you get a summary of this foundation. The Loreal cushion foundation retails for anywhere between $10 to $17 depending on where and which drugstore you get it from. I think Walmart (in store, not online) is perhaps the cheapest.

Loreal Cushion Foundation Pros/Cons

1. Finish – Dewy, smooth, airbrushed.
2. Price – Pricey for drugstore, but perhaps the most affordable cushion foundation.
3. Coverage – The perfect amount of coverage. No more no less. It doesn’t get cakey nor does it  leave you wanting for more coverage.

1. Amount – I don’t think this comes with refills. Other high end cushions do. You’re likely to run out of this foundation quicker than your regular foundations.
2. Skin type – This could probably only work for anyone who’s not oily. Again, if you’re oily and this has worked for you, please correct me 🙂
3. Longevity – This requires setting in the summer to lengthen its staying power. I would say that normally this lasts for a good 4-6 hours. But definitely not something to wear to your wedding.

There you have it loves! I hope you gained some insight into the Loreal cushion foundation. If you haven’t tried cushion foundations before, they are an amazing type of product and I highly recommend you checking it out. It might even change your foundation game. I’ll be posting about a lot more favorites on my Instagram, so be sure to come say hi to me there (username:@neighha). And with that, I’ll leave you to enjoy the rest of your week.

Stay Beautiful loves,


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Neha • December 11, 2016

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  2. Mary Dee January 6, 2017 - 12:44 pm Reply

    Great review! I love how thorough and detailed you were. Now, I really want to try this foundation 🤗😘❤

    • Neha January 8, 2017 - 3:38 am Reply

      Thank you so much for reading hun. I’m so happy you liked the review xx

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