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Maybelline SuperStay 24

Maybelline SuperStay 24 Lip Color Review

Hello loves! Today’s post is actually really exciting for me. I have found an affordable/drugstore liquid lipstick that is actually brilliant – comparable to some of the best higher end liquid lipsticks out there in my opinion. If you’d like to know more about this new discovery, this review on the Maybelline SuperStay 24 Lip Colors¬†is for you ūüôā

Maybelline SuperStay 24 Lip Color

Maybelline SuperStay 24 Lip Color

Lets start with each category.

I love the packaging on these lipsticks. The white packaging and colored tube is sleek and makes it easy to differentiate between the colors. This tube is dual ended. The colored side as you can see is the actual lipstick itself. The white side or the other end is a lip balm. I’ll explain the functions of each in just a bit. Now, within the packaging, I’ll include a comment about the amount of product. Since half the product is just a lip balm, you actually get a very little amount of the liquid lipstick side. Now that isn’t necessarily a huge con in my opinion because when have we ever completely used up a liquid lipstick? Another side note – I absolutely love the applicator on this product! I wish more companies would replicate it. It is a doefoot applicator but with a very sharp taper. That means that it was super easy for me to get an even application and also get precise lines when shaping.

This is a matte liquid lipstick. The liquid lipstick is phenomenal! It went on super smoothly, with no patchiness or anything like that. Like I said, the applicator made the process so much easier. Once you apply the liquid lipstick, it dries down to matte finish immediately -within just a few seconds. Now here’s the important part. At this stage if you purse your lips, you’ll find that the lipstick is sticky – I meeaan ultra sticky! But worry not. That’s where the fantastic balm on the other side comes into play. If you were to wear the liquid lipstick by itself you’d probably hate it – sticky and drying.¬†This is why this 2-step application process is so worth it. Once you top off the liquid lipstick with the clear balm on the other side, it’s like the lipstick transforms into this really comfortable shiny product. Now you’ll be wondering, well I don’t want a shiny lipstick – it beats the point of me preferring a matte look. Wait wait – patience my loves. Now that you’ve applied the balm, wait for a few minutes and go ahead and complete the rest of your morning routine. After some time, you can kiss your hand. This takes the balm off, but NOT the liquid lipstick. What you’re now left with is a stunnnning liquid lipstick that is so comfortable on the lips and doesn’t budge. Believe me, I’ve done the kiss test. I’ve tested this with about 8 hours of wear – including a meal and drinking coconut water straight out of the can. None of those activities made the lipstick budge. The biggest selling point of the lipstick is its long-wear power. Truly. I obviously don’t believe this lasts for 24 hours because that is just stupid. And I don’t know of anyone who wears a lipstick for 24 hours straight. But suffice to say, this will be one of the most long-wearing lipsticks in your arsenal. And after the initial balm application, I really didn’t need to reapply the balm. At no point during the day did my lips feel dry or uncomfortable. I am beyond impressed with this lipstick. Oh and fyi, the only way I found that this lipstick can be removed is with a cleansing oil or butter. None of my water based makeup removers can do the job.

Color Range
One thing that I always respect Maybelline for is the variety of shades they always bring out – they are one of the few drugstore brands that cater to a wide range of skin tones and their lipstick range is always high and wide. In this range, they have 30 colors of liquid lipsticks! I am so tempted to buy two more shades because I am seriously in love with the beautiful, rich, pigmented opacity that is the Maybelline Superstay 24. My favorite shade currently is ‘keep up the flame’. It is a gorgeous red that really suits my skin tone well.

The Maybelline SuperStay 24 Lip Color retails for $8.99 retail but is actually cheaper at Target. I do think that with every new release, drugstores are increasing their prices day by day. Something about paying more than 5 bucks for drugstore lipsticks doesn’t sit well with me. But, considering that these are so good, I think their price is right ($7 at Target). ¬†As any good blogger would say, here’s my disclaimer.
I received two of the shades in this range from Influenster for testing. However, I rarely bother to write a full blown review on anything unless I actually love it. Now that I have, believe me when I tell you that even though these were sent to me, I truly adore them. I don’t like the nude shade I received because it is too pale for me, so I’m going to¬†purchase a couple different shades for myself.¬†

Let me make a pros and cons list of this to summarize.

Pros: Shade Range, Comfort, Longevity, Hydration, Transfer Resistance, Price. 
Cons: Price and/or Amount of product.

Maybelline SuperStay 24

I’m wearing the shade ‘keep up the flame’ in the picture. It looks a little muted and light in the photo because of editing, but is actually really intense in person.

I hope you guys enjoyed this quick review of the Maybelline SuperStay 24 Lip Colors. Let me know if you guys have tried it and what your thoughts are on it. Or maybe you have a drugstore liquid lipstick favorite that I should know about?

Stay beautiful loves,



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Neha • November 13, 2016

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