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Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation

Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation Review

My first proper venture into the glorious world of stick foundations – the Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation. This is actually my first ABH product and I couldn’t be happier. If you guys are as curious about this foundation as I was, then you’ve come to the right place ­čÖé

Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation

The packaging of the product is gooorgeous. First of all, it is such a sleek and glossy tube that you automatically want to keep it on your beauty space and display it proudly. The said sleek packaging is also extremely travel friendly. And considering that this is a stick foundation, there is of course the added bonus that you don’t have to worry about TSA rules or spillage or anything. You can even pop this in your handbag on the flight.

Shade Range
This range of foundations comes in 30!! different shades. That is another gold star for ABH. Because if there’s one thing that immediately puts me off a brand is their shade bias. I mean it really pisses me. But hey, this brand is doing fantastic in that department. Now, I have heard that apparently the shade descriptions on Sephora’s website are very off the mark. Luckily, I purchased this off of Ulta’s website and the shade I chose ended up being a perfect match for my skin. I initially thought the shade I picked (Amber) was too pink when I swatched it on my inner arm. But of course, the inner arm and the face are quite different in tone for everyone so that arm swatch judgement of mine wasn’t accurate. Conclusion – if you are an NC42 type shade, the shade Amber is perfect for those of us with medium tan skins with gold undertones.

As the name suggests, the Anastasia Beverly Hills stick foundation is of course a foundation in a creamy stick form. The coverage of it is light to medium.

I definitely prefer blending this product out using a brush (Real Techniques buffing brush works great). When I used my beauty blender, I just found that the damp blender and the stick foundation weren’t working in harmony to give me a smooth even application.

My experience
My skin type is sometimes normal/dry leaning more towards dry for about 300 days in the year. So I have definitely always been very apprehensive about trying stick foundations because in my mind, I just never think they’d work for anyone but oily skin types. However, when I used this foundation I made sure to prep my skin well and moisturize properly. That is something we should be doing anyway no matter what type of foundation or skin type we have. This foundation┬ádefinitely has its pros and cons and I’m going to list them below.

1. Finish – Guuuyss, this foundation gives the most beautiful finish to the skin. It keeps the skin very normal – neither dewy nor matte. I mean it definitely isn’t natural in the way you would think of a BB cream. However, the finish is so skin-like that this is one of the only two or three foundations that I am completely 100% comfortable even wearing to school and lab and classes everyday and not feel out of place as if I’m the only one with a full glam caked face. You know what I mean? Let’s just say I wouldn’t hesitate in wearing this for a job interview.
2. Coverage – Now this one could be a pro or a con depending on your preference. The Anastasia Beverly Hills stick foundation is not a high coverage stick foundation by any means. It is definitely on the light to medium side. I don’t usually believe in saying the words ‘buildable coverage’ because that would imply that I’m caking on a second layer of makeup and that’s just something I never do. I have a few reddish blemishes on my cheeks which didn’t get completely covered up by this foundation. To me, the coverage of this foundation is a pro because I just prefer to have my skin peak through just a little bit even though I have imperfections. It just makes the look a little bit less makeup-y I think. And the parts where you need more coverage, well that’s where our concealers come into play.
3. Price – I think the biggest pro about this foundation is its price. For a high end foundation, I think this is so well priced. Most other counterparts are either significantly more expensive and/or have less amount of product. The whole reason I was even able to purchase and try this foundation is because it is only $25.00, instead of the usual $40+ we always spend on high end foundations. I’ll link the foundation on the ABH website and at Ulta.

1. Longevity – To me, the biggest con about the Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation is its staying power. This foundation does not last well throughout the day. Keep in mind that I have dry skin. Which means that throughout the day, I don’t ever get shiny or oily which would make the foundation slip off my face. Despite me having dry skin and even setting my face with powder, I found that this foundation did not look as flawless at the end of the day as it did when I first applied it. I noticed that around my cheeks and those aforementioned blemishes, there was almost no foundation to be found. So I would definitely not categorize this foundation as wedding day or an 8 hour workday makeup because it would probably just not last. It didn’t look too good at the end of the day but it definitely didn’t cake up either so I guess that is┬áa good thing. Side note – since I was testing this, I wore my makeup without using a setting spray. Now that I am finished testing it for blogging purposes, any time I wear this, I will definitely set my makeup with a spray and that just might make it more long lasting on the skin.

Concluding Thoughts:
I absolutely love this foundation. I mean it definitely isn’t my holy grail by any means. But it is pretty darn close. If you want to try out a reasonably priced stick foundation without breaking the bank, I really do think you can’t go wrong with this one. This foundation is recommended for oily skin types, but really, I think that with good skin prep, anyone can rock this foundation. I have reached for this four times in row now, which almost never happens. So I’m really happy that I’m going to get my money’s worth and get a lot of use out of this product.

Thank you for taking the time out from y’alls busy schedules and reading the post! I really hope you got some information and answers about the Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation. If you have tried this product, please let me know! I’ve seen so many conflicting opinions and views online, so I’d really like to know from you guys what your thoughts on this foundation would be. If you haven’t tried it, do you think you’d like to? As always, if you’d like to, please come say hi on Instagram. There’s a button at the bottom of the page┬áthat’ll take you there or you can find me directly via my username – @neighha. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week and an even better weekend!

Much love beauties,


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Neha • November 17, 2016

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