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September empties

September Empties: Mini Reviews 2016

Hi lovesss! How are you all doing? Is the start of October freaking anybody out? It’s kinda freaking me out at least. I feel like the year went by so fast and now there are only three months remaining to make the most out of this year. And being in college makes the pace of life that much faster I think with the constant homeworks and classes and midterms and whatnot. So since it is the end of another month, I have another pile of goodies to review here in my September empties.

September Empties

September Empties

  • Veet Wax Strip Kit for Bikini, Underarms and Face
    What is my September empties without one of these? I might have gone through at least 20 of these in my life time, if not more. Actually, definitely more. These are my holy grail wax strips for getting rid of unwanted hair. The main areas I like to use these are for the underarms and that ever so attractive mustache 😛 I have already mentioned these several times in my blog posts so in order to avoid redundancy, I’ll just link some posts here, here, here and here so you can check out my thoughts on these wax strips of you’d like. Suffice to say, I haven’t strayed away from these in two years ever since I discovered them. Emptied two of these in the past couple months.
    Miscellaneous: These are super super inexpensive. They usually retail around the $4.99 mark. Just check your local Walmart because they’re usually the ones with the lowest pricing. Can also be found here.
  • Dove Body Wash
    Emptied another bottle of the Dove body wash in the coconut milk and jasmine petals scent. I’m possibly the lowest maintenance when it comes to body wash and rarely ever splurge on it. So the Dove body washes are constantly in rotation in my bathroom because they are good quality, they do the job well, they are moisturizing and they have a variety of fragrances available in the range. This particular scent was a very light coconut scent with just a tiny hint of floral. I sometimes really despise certain types of coconut scents. But this one was actually really pretty and subtle. Yum. Emptied another one last month which you can check out a mini review for here.
    Miscellaneous: Retails for $5.47 on Walmart.
  • Bath and Body Works Body Cream in Sweet Pea
    The sweet pea scent from BBW is one of my all time favorite scents that they do. I have mentioned this same exact dialogue many times in previous blog posts haha. But really, it’s true. Not matter what I pick up from BBW, it could be a body spray, a body butter or whatever else, I always make sure to pick one up in this scent. It is just the most stunning scent that actually lasts on the body for a solid few hours. And I’ve always been a fan of BBW body creams and body lotions. I’ll use their body lotions more during summer because of their light consistency and I’ll use the body creams or body butters more throughout the colder months for the extra moisturization. The body creams specifically have a beautiful almost whipped-butter type texture and I love slathering it all over my body immediately after a shower.
    Miscellaneous: I don’t think I have ever bought a BBW product full price. They are always doing one or the type of sale so it only makes sense to wait for one of those and then stock up for a couple months. You can find the body cream here. It retails for $13.00 full price. I’ll also link all the posts here, here and here where I’ve talked more about BBW body products.

September Empties

The next couple of September empties are sheet masks that I had been loving last month.

  • Tony Moly I’m Real Red Wine Sheet Mask
    Right off the bat, I absolutely loved this mask! The mask was very very saturated and the material felt super comfortable. In fact, even after using the sheet mask there was a ton of essence left over. I used that serum/essence as a part of my skincare routine for three nights after. That means you can get the most bang for your buck with just one sheet mask. The mask itself felt very hydrating and cooling on the skin. I left it on for a good 45 minutes while I relaxed and afterwards, my skin felt so soft, hydrated and moisturized. Beyond that, I don’t think sheet masks are supposed to give you any long term benefits. These are meant to be more of instant ‘pick me ups’ for the skin. Sheet masks can be used before a big event or a night out too to make sure that your skin looks plumped, hydrated and in good health. Oh and as far as the whole ‘pore reduction’ claim of this mask, I didn’t see any visible difference.
    Miscellaneous: Tony Moly products can be found at Ulta. This mask retails for $3.75.
  • The Creme Shop Drink Up, Skin! Sheet Mask
    If you saw my huge mask haul blog post, then you’d have seen that I picked up a ton of different face masks from The Creme Shop. As soon as I finished that post, I started ripping open some masks and trying them out. So it is no surprise that at least one of them ended up in my September empties. One of the masks I used up was the Drink Up Skin mask with hyaluronic acid in it. The really really fun aspect of this mask is that it is in the shape/form of a penguin. These animal type masks have been really popular on Instagram lately and I, for one, love this trend. As far as the efficacy of this mask, everything I said earlier about the Tony Moly mask applies. The mask was very saturated, felt so soothing and cooling on my perpetually dry skin. It left my skin hydrated as if I had just downed five shots of water. Which makes sense because this contains good ingredients like hyaluronic acid, snail secretion filtrate etc.
    Miscellaneous: On their website, the mask retails for $4.00. However, I picked up a 3-pack for $4.99 from TJ Maxx. So if you’re on a stroll to TJ Maxx one day, keep an eye out for these masks. It’s really good value especially if you get it in that 3- pack.

September Empties

  • Glossier Soothing Face Mist
    Possibly my most-despised product in this September empties and otherwise was the Glossier soothing face mist. I have a full review of why I didn’t like this at all and I’ll link that here instead of repeating the same details again.
    Miscellaneous: This retails for $18.00 for 4 oz. Not worth it IMO. I’ll link the product on their website here anyway. A better dupe for this is the Mario Badescu facial spray which is less than half the price of this and twice as good.

Alrightyy guys! Those were some of things I’ve used up the past month. I actually had a few more to talk about, but just so you don’t get bored of reading a super long post, I tried to keep this post as short and snappy as I possibly can given my penchant for rambling on and on 😀 Please let me know if you have any thoughts on any of the products I’ve mentioned. Let’s have a chat down in the comments. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Stay Beautiful,


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Neha • October 7, 2016

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