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Foreo Luna Play

Foreo Luna Play Review 2016

All good things come in small packages. Or so they say. Well, in the case of the Foreo Luna Play, that is certainly the case. If you have been wondering whether this little device is worth your time, attention and money, you’ve come to the right place. Now, let’s get the important detail out of the way. This is not a sponsored post nor was the product gifted to me for PR purposes. However, I did win this in an Instagram giveaway that SpaceNK were holding. If you feel like you can’t trust my review, please, believe me, I’ll always be a 100% real with you. Right. Let’s move along to the important stuff now.

Foreo Luna Play

Foreo Luna Play

Product Details
The Foreo Luna Play is a sonic facial cleansing device made by the company Foreo. Now, a few years ago, we were introduced to the world of sonic cleansing devices by the very famous Clarisonic. As I’m sure you already know, Clarisonics are not exactly the cheapest devices on the market. If you aren’t familiar – Clarisonic and  some other companies make sonic cleansing brushes – you know, the ones with the typical bristles and everything. However, a couple years ago, Foreo came along and brought innovation to the sonic cleansing world by introducing the Lunas. These are devices that have little silicone ‘dots’ or touch points on them. The company claims that the device is gentle enough for daily cleansing use, is quick-drying and avoids the bacteria buildup that can tend to happen in the brush kind. The device uses sonic pulsations to really deep clean the skin. The silicone bristles are supposed to be thirty five times more hygienic than traditional nylon-bristled face brushes. A key thing to note here – unlike the other devices, the Foreo Luna Play is not rechargeable. According to the company, if you use this twice daily, it will last you for six weeks. I’ll expand on this in a little bit.

Wet the Luna, take any gel cleanser of your choice and begin massaging the cleanser into your face with the device. Foreo has quite a few types of Lunas in their range. The Luna Play is the tiniest one of them all. And for me, I actually love that! The device fits perfectly into my palms and is sooo easy and handy to use. It takes up little to no space on the beauty counter and since it is silicone, I actually never fear for my life even when I drop it accidentally sometimes. That might seem like an unimportant fact, but if you are a student living in one of those typical college apartments, then you know that space is a precious commodity and you gotta fit all your beauty arsenal in a limited space. I tend to knock a lot of things over from my bathroom counter. Anyway, so yes, the point is that I love how it is so itty bitty and super convenient to use. And I can only imagine how handy it would be during travelling. I don’t remove my makeup with this. I strictly use it for cleansing the skin after I have removed all traces of the initial makeup layer.

My Thoughts
Okay, so we’ve heard the brand’s description of the product and usage method, now let me share with you my thoughts.
1. I have experienced firsthand through weeks of testing and using the Foreo Luna Play that it is most definitely very quick-drying and doesn’t get dirty at all. Every time I pick up my Luna Play, it feels squeaky clean. There is never any dirt buildup on it. Every time I finish using it, I wash it off with water and it takes me less than a minute to properly clean it.
2. This little device is so easy and convenient to use that I actually automatically reach for it sometimes without even thinking. You know a product is good and is working for you when your hands reach for it subconsciously. I have dry skin, and yet, even in winter months I’m not afraid to use this. It is so gentle on the skin and doesn’t strip the skin at all, yet it does a thorough job of cleaning it and exfoliating out any dry patches you may be experiencing.
3. Travel friendly, very space-efficient and no need to faff around with chargers, wires, cords etc.
4. Cheaper than most cleansing devices available today.

1. The only one disadvantage is of course the whole issue of charging. Since this is not a device you can charge, you will have to keep repurchasing it once the battery runs out. Now, keep in mind that I think using the Foreo Luna Play twice daily is a little bit excessive. I wouldn’t want to be too abrasive on my skin, and hence personally, I use it only 2-3 times a week. With that calculation in mind, this will definitely last me more than just six weeks. Still. I think that having to repurchase this again could become a costly affair and just invalidate the initial comment about this being a cheaper cleansing device. However, if you are a person who likes to switch up their cleansing devices every few months for hygiene reasons and are able to afford the repurchase cost, I think that there isn’t a better device than the Foreo Luna Play out there for you.

Final Thoughts

Price: This product costs $39.00 either on Foreo’s website or at Sephora or SpaceNK. Theoretical capacity is 84 uses.
Will this completely change your skin? Absolutely not. This is not something that will transform your skin altogether or make your existing skin issues disappear.
Then why do I need this? Some of your skin issues could be arising due to lack of proper cleansing. Even if you have fabulous skin, cleansing the skin properly every day is important. This product gives you that. It gives the skin that deep clean and slight exfoliation that it needs every so often. And that lovely feeling of getting an at-home facial massage through the vibrations doesn’t hurt either.
Is it worth the price? That’s up to you to decide. Once I run out of battery on this one, I will definitely repurchase it if my financial situation at the time allows for it.

Alrightyy guys! Let me know what you think. Do you already own Luna? Has it made an impact in your skincare routine? If you don’t own it, is this something that you could potentially see yourself purchasing? I’d love to chat with you down in the comments or on social (mainly Instagram @neighha). I hope you have a wonderful weekend my loves. Mine will be spent prepping for a midterm (sighh).

Keep that skin clean and beautiful,



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Neha • October 22, 2016

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  1. Nyobie November 26, 2016 - 5:12 pm Reply

    I have put this in my basket and taken it out so many times because of the charge issue. I want to test it but for $59AUD I’m not so sure if it’s worth it.
    I’ll try it out and if I love it, I’ll get the more expensive but rechargeable version.
    Great review 👌

    • Neha November 28, 2016 - 7:26 pm Reply

      Don’t be put off by the charging issue. I personally think that it is overkill to use this every single day. And with that logic, this will definitely last you for quite some time. And I totally agree. Try this out. See how you like it and then invest in the bigger version. Thank you so much for reading love! xx

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