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Ole Henriksen Review: Five Products Tested

Hello loves! I am so excited to be doing this Ole Henriksen review. I have been wanting to put this post up for a while, but I kinda wanted to wait till I finished a bunch of products I had from this brand and then sit down and do a full one brand review type of a thing. So, without further ado..

Ole Henriksen Review: The Good

Ole Henriksen review

  • Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster
    I am actually reposting this picture from a previous blog post I did because no Ole Henriksen review of mine would be complete without talking about the star product of their brand (in my oh so humble opinion). You can check out the full review on this product here. But just to share a snippet – know that this is the best vitamin C serum I have tried so far for my skin and I’ve tried quite a few now. Every time I try a new serum, I always find faults in it and compare it to this one because this truth serum collagen booster has become my gold standard when it comes to brightening Vit C serums.
    Miscellaneous: Retails for $48.00 for 1 oz on Sephora.com. Worth every hard earned dollar.


  • Ole Henriksen Total Truth Eye Cream SPF 15
    This is a day time eye cream. After about halfway through the pot, I had made up my opinion about this product. I was one of those people who belong to the group of ‘eye creams are just a do-nothing fad designed by brands to suck your money’. And I thought the exact same about this product. I liked its consistency, how it hydrated my skin nicely etc etc. But, as far as brightening, firming, collagen boosting etc., I didn’t give this product much credit. However, something seriously magical  (or not so  magical depending on how you look at it) happened. I completely used up this pot about 10 days ago. And since the past week or so, I have gotten the biggest dark circles I have ever experienced under my eyes! It is not even funny anymore how haggard, dark and deep set my eyes look. Now, I’m sure that my lifestyle, eating habits etc etc have a lot to do with that. However, I can’t help thinking that ever since I stopped using the eye cream, my under eyes just look disastrous. I now realize that this eye cream was actually one of the most magical products for my under eyes. Because when I was using it, my under eye area looked pretty good with only about the bare minimum darkness which is basically caused due to my genetic makeup. So, this eye cream is actually one of those ‘you don’t know what you have until it’s gone’ type of a product. And one of the best features about this product that was seriously helping my eyes stay bright is that this contains SPF. I think that ever since I stopped using this, my eyes have been subject to some serious sun damage. I’m really sad about loving the product because this eye cream is $45.00 a pot. Arghhh! Sooner or later I’m going to have to repurchase. God save me and my poor wallet. For the sake of not making this post too long, I’ll let you to refer to Sephora’s website for the ingredients and such.
    Miscellaneous: Retails for $45.00 for 0.5 oz. Good news about this is that my little pot of 0.1 oz (which I got in a set) lasted me about eight months. I wish they sold a smaller pot individually. I always believe in buying smaller sizes so as to not have product rotting in my cupboard. It is better to use up smaller sizes and purchase fresh products each time than having giant sizes of products which will eventually lose their potency after a few months. Find it here.
Ole Henriksen Review: The Meh


  • Ole Henriksen Truth Cream Advanced Hydration
    This is a day time moisturizer. The very first thing that turns me off about this product is the scent. If you read my posts, you’ll know that I rarely ever complain about smells because I’m not sensitive to them at all. This cream is supposed to be orange-scented. I love orange scented products. But this one? This one smells straight up of rotten oranges! I hate it. If you pay an arm and a leg for a product, you can at least expect that they’d put effort in making their products smell nice or smell like nothing at all. I could have gotten over the smell if this was like the best moisturizer of the planet. It’s not. It leaves your skin extremely greasy-and I mean everyone can see the grease film on your face. I’ve had friends ask me whether I’ve put on a mask on my face. It also doesn’t brighten, tighten or even hydrate your face. It just sits on the skin. The best alternative to this and the best cream so far is the Origins GinZing moisturizer. That one has a lovely scent and performs beautifully! But, you’ll be wondering, why did I put this in in the MEH category instead of putting it in the BAD category? Well, for starters, eventually you get used to the scent. If you’re stubborn like me and like to finish up the entire product (unless it’s like burning your face), then by the time you’re halfway through the product, you will have used it for quite some time. And with time, you certainly get used to the awful scent to the point where it kinda becomes a part of your morning routine. Secondly, the greasiness of this product makes it an excellent primer type base product for your makeup. I mean these are the positive points to the product which is why this doesn’t completely suck. But I definitely wouldn’t repurchase this again.
    Miscellaneous: Retails for $48.00. Can be found here.
  • Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Treatment Overnight Resurfacer
    Another meh product in this Ole Henriksen review is the overnight resurfacer. This is a gel that is supposed to be left on the face overnight. It claims to help in cell turnover, smooth texture etc etc. This product definitely has a ‘down time’ to it. What that means is, you can only use this on nights when you’re planning to go to sleep immediately. You cannot put this on and then proceed to Netflix and chill with your girlfriends or this new guy you’ve just started dating. That is because when you put this product on, it immediately starts to peel. You can see white particles literally rolling around on your face. Obviously, it is not a cute look and it’s best to put this on on one of your ‘me time’ days. So, as far as their claim that this is a resurfacer is concerned, that is very accurate. However, I didn’t notice any spectacular results from this. This is the kind of product that is good for a person with already good skin and someone who is just looking to maintain that good skin health. But for someone like me who is looking for specific results and noticeable improvements to skin, this is definitely not the product to go for.
    Miscellaneous: Retails for $48.00 on Sephora.com
Ole Henriksen Review: The Bad


  • Ole Henriksen Ultimate Lift Eye Gel
    This is probably going to be the worst product in this Ole Henriksen review. In fact, I think this is one of the worst products of their entire line (not that I’ve tried everything). The one and only major reason why I hate this eye gel so much is because of how STICKY it is. I mean I know it is of a gel consistency and so a little stickiness is expected. But this is just beyond sticky. It is so bad that every time you put this gel under your eyes, your skin there just folds up on itself and you have to stretch it out manually. It is uncomfortable to even blink your eyes. And imagine having to leave this on overnight – nightmare. I can’t quite explain it in words, but take my word for the fact that this is an eye cream that is just not worth the time and effort. There certainly are better eye creams out there. And this product doesn’t do anything special for your eyes either. It doesn’t lift, it doesn’t smooth firm or whatever else. So there’s no reason to even put up with the horrible consistency of this thing. They should seriously discontinue it.
    Miscellaneous: This retails for a bloody waste of $42.00 on Sephora. Obviously, my recommendation would be to get the Total Truth Eye Cream rather than this one.

For all the products mentioned in this post, I’ve left out the ingredients listing and such just for the sake of brevity. Please feel free to follow the links I’ve posted which will take you to Sephora’s listing of the products and give you the ingredients and everything. I do not ever hate on a particular brand; however, I am passionate about my reviews and don’t like to sugarcoat any product if I don’t like it. Like I’ve mentioned several times in my posts, I am a student and I write this from that perspective. It means that I have a tight budget to work with and I’d really hate to see someone spend that precious money on useless products. I love this brand for the one simple fact that they make my favorite serum of all time. That in itself is proof that I never hate on a brand completely. However, for the sake of keeping my Ole Henriksen review honest, I’ve mentioned a few products that just didn’t work out for me.
The funny thing is, I hate it when Youtubers always give this kind of a disclaimer. Like, it is common sense that no one will ever hate a brand; they will just dislike particular products. And here I am, doing the same thing haha. Life is a funny funny thing 😀
Alrightyy guys! I hope you enjoyed a one brand review of some of the products I’ve tried from OH so far. Please let me know what you’ve tried from them, what you like, dislike everything! Maybe I’m just an idiot and there’s a better way to use some of these products. I’d be grateful if you guys could teach me your ways 🙂 I hope you have a fabulous week ahead lovely people.

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Neha • August 28, 2016

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