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Meet Matte Trimony Haul: The Balm Cosmetics

Hi sweethearts! I have been completely slacking in terms of catching up on my blog posts and posting as often as I should. Well, that’s because I usually plan my blog content over the weekend. But this past weekend was a little different. I ended going to Austin, TX to visit my now-ex roommate to see her new place and just get out of College Station for a couple days. I had the most incredible and relaxing weekend ever. I seriously am one of those lucky people who have found amazing friends all throughout my university years. And even before uni really. So anyway, now that I’m recharged again, let’s talk about today’s post. A couple weeks ago, I placed an order for The Balm Cosmetics Meet Matte Trimony eyeshadow palette. This eyeshadow palette isn’t new by any means, but it certainly is the latest launch by The Balm. So I thought I’ll show you guys swatches of the palette in case you want to keep this on your wishlist for the upcoming Holiday season or something like that. Additionally, when I was looking up swatches of the palette myself, I couldn’t find any good swatches of the shadows on medium to dark skin tone. So hopefully, you might find these swatches useful since I am an NC42 skin tone. Let’s get started.

The Balm Meet Matte Trimony Eyeshadow Palette

Meet Matte Trimony Eyeshadow Palette

Packaging: I always say this at the beginning of any product review, but packaging isn’t the most important factor in a product. And yet, it kinda is. The aesthetic of a product definitely decides whether we get drawn in by the product or not. Packaging wise, this eyeshadow palette gets a 100/100 from me. I have absolutely no complaints with it. One of the most important things to me in an eyeshadow palette is that it should have a mirror, especially if the brand is higher-end. And this palette has an amazing mirror that is very generous in size and of good quality. The palette itself is light-weight, and is in a cardboard type of material, making it super handy to travel with. Since the packaging is cardboard, there is little to no danger of dropping it and the eyeshadows breaking upon impact. In fact, I cannot wait to take this palette with me to my next travel destination whenever and wherever that might me.

Price: Now here’s the catch. The Meet Matte Trimony palette originally retails for $42.00 for 9 eyeshadows. I do think that this is slightly on the more expensive side for a palette that contains only 9 shadows. However, the way that price is justified is by the enormous size of the eyeshadow pans themselves. So you are definitely getting a lot of product for your money. Me personally, I would rather have smaller pans and more colors because in all likelihood, I will never finish an entire pan of shadow. However, I bought this palette on a sale off from Ipsy for $22.00 instead of the regular price. I had my eye on this palette for a while, but because of the price I wasn’t sure whether to get this or not. When I saw it on sale, I knew I had to pick it up. The Balm Cosmetics is sold at Kohl’s or can be purchased from their website with free shipping on any order.

Contents: The Meet Matte Trimony eyeshadows are really good quality. As the name of the palette suggests, they are all matte finishes. I actually received a sample of one of these eyeshadows in an Ipsy bag once and really loved the formula. The eyeshadows are extremely pigmented. However, I will say that on my golden tan skin, a couple of the lighter shades will need some building up. But all the colors are extremely pigmented and super super smooth. The shadows are extremely easy to work with and are easily blendable. For a makeup application idiot like me, this palette is like the perfect soulmate. The colors themselves are perfectly thought out. They have included more than one transitional color for the crease. The palette also contains some fantastic warm tone reddish browns, some plums and a fabulous black shadow as well. Even though I recently got the palette, I’ve tried one of the singles before and I have been able to test out the longevity. The shadows are not waterproof by any means, but even without a primer and setting spray, they stay on for a long time. So with all the right tools and tricks, I imagine that the shadows will definitely last through the day. The picture below will show you the swatches of the colors swatched on an NC42 skin tone.


The Meet Matte Trimony colors from top to bottom: Matt Lin, Matt Thomas, Matt Rossi, Matt Lopez, Matt Kumar, Matt Moskowitz, Matt Evans, Matt Reed, Matt Ahmed. Like I said, a couple of the lighter brown shades will need a little more building up for them to show up on my skin tone.

I think that that’s all I wanted to say about this palette. Please do let me know if you have any questions regarding this palette, I’d be happy to answer. Thank you so much for visiting the post and joining me for another #takemymoneytuesday.  Come say hello to me on Instagram (@neighha). Clicking on the Instagram logo at the bottom or the right side of the page will directly take you to my account. My lazy ass posts there much more often. I hope you guys are having an amazing week so far. I love you and I’ll talk to you soon for another post.

Stay gorgeous sweethearts,


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Neha • August 2, 2016

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