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Mask Haul

Mask Haul: Giant Pile of New Goodies

Helloo loves! So school started again. Yesterday was the first day of the Fall semester. And I had a major presentation showcasing the research that I had done over the past few summer months. Needless to say, it has been crazy and hectic. However, I’ve got no classes and no immediate obligations today, so I figured why not do some TLC? And as I was doing that, I realized that I hadn’t shown you guys some of the masks I’ve collected over the past couple of weeks. Well, so we’re going to look at some of the craziness I’ve been collecting in the form of this giant mask haul.

Mask Haul: Traditional Mud/Clay/Cream Masks

Mask Haul

  • GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment
    You guyss. Starting this mask haul off with a bang. Look who’s completely and unforgivably late to this party. This is my first time ever trying anything from Glamglow (I received a sample of their Gravitymud not long after I received this). The ever so popular Supermud clearing treatment has seriously been on my list since the past year or two. And bluntly put, I could just never imagine spending this kind of an atrocious amount on a freaking mask – a mask being a product that you’re meant to wash off your face in a matter of a few minutes or an hour tops. But lo and behold, my yearning to try out this mask must have been evident because not long ago I received this as a gift. From the moment I got it to this moment where I’m writing about it, I’ve used it only once. I wanted to save it till after I finished blogging about it. And you guyyss, let me tell you. I have a sneaky suspicion that I’m going to be in a lot of trouble. Because just from that one use, I think I really really like this mask. Before I tell you any more, I’m actually going to put this to proper use for at least five times and then I’ll report back with my full thoughts.
    Miscellaneous: Retails for an absurd $69.00 for 1.2 oz. Frankly, this tub doesn’t contain that much product. You’re bound to run out of the mask quite quickly 🙁 However, I’m subscribed to the Glamglow email list, and a lot of the times they have a 30% off offer going on which would make this mask somewhere around $48.00. I say it’s totally worth waiting for the sale. Can be found either at Sephora.com or on the Glamglow website.

Mask Haul

  • Freeman Diamond Mineral Rinse Mask
    I have loved Freeman’s masks for years, so it only makes sense that I’d have at least one in my mask haul. This particular one – the Diamond Mineral mask is one of my absolute favorites. I have this in a full size bottle as well. The reason I bought this sachet type mask is because I also wanted a travel size in my stash for well – travel. Plus, it’s also quite convenient to pick up a variety of these 2-use packets . That way you can try a bunch of different ones from their line instead of getting just one full size. Again, going to save my thoughts for a future post or a quick Instagram post. I try not to give too many thoughts in haul posts.
    Miscellaneous: Travel packet retails for $1.99. So inexpensive, and I can easily get 2-3 uses out of it. Can be found at almost every drugstore and on Freeman’s website.
  • Montagne Jeunesse Mint Chocolate Chip Mask
    Again, these masks can be found at any drugstore. And every two weeks when I go grocery shopping or something, I pick up one or two of these masks. Now I don’t particularly remember how I like the masks from Montagne Jeunesse because it’s been a while since I picked anything up from their range. Actually, no wait! I just realized, I love their manuka honey mask that comes in a peel off form. I remember now. Anyway, truth be told, I literally just picked this mask up because of the words Mint Chocolate Chip 😀 A recurring theme in this mask haul will be the fact that I am easily influenced by packaging and catchy words. I’m every product advertiser’s dream woman 😛
    Miscellaneous: Retails for $1.99 as well. You can easily get 2-3 uses out of these even if they market it for one use. The amount that they give in these packets is quite generous in my opinion. Can be found at Ulta, CVS, Walmart or any other drugstore around you.
Mask Haul: Sheet Masks

Mask Haul

If you can’t tell from the picture above, I went completely and truly bananas over sheet masks this time. And the funny thing is, I actually didn’t have any sheet masks in my arsenal for the past few months. And finally when I did buy, I went completely nuts. Typical.
So I went on a casual stroll to TJ Maxx one day. There are such fantastic beauty finds to be discovered at TJ MAXX and all for quite low prices. So of course, I strolled into their clothes section, umm and ahhed over a couple of things. And then, I made a beeline for their beauty section. This is where my true heaven lay. So they had a bunch of body care and hair care things from fabulous brands on sale. But, I’m currently quite well stocked on the body and hair front. Like I said, the one thing lacking from my collection was sheet masks. I found a few really great sheet masks and I couldn’t pick which ones to buy, so I bought all the ones that intrigued me. They are listed below with their ingredients also because a couple of the brands are Korean, and it is not that easy to find the ingredients and other relevant information online.

  • The Creme Shop Collagen Face Mask
    Mask Description: This mask claims to contain the hero ingredient – collagen – to improve skin texture and for firmness, elasticity and lifting properties. Collagen is known to prevent ageing and premature wrinkles. This sounds right up everyone’s alley doesn’t it?
    Well, all that’s well and good, but when I look at the ingredients, the high alcohol content worries me. On top of that, what might be worrisome for some is the presence of fragrance in it. However, in my experience, even if there is a high alcohol content in some thing, it is okay to try it out once and see how it reacts with your skin. Sometimes it even works out brilliantly. So jury is out on this one.
    Miscellaneous: I bought a five pack of these for $5.00 from TJ. That’s basically a dollar per sheet mask. The ingredients are pictured below.


  • The Creme Shop Drink Up skin Hyaluronic acid Animated Face Mask
    Bought this from TJ Maxx as well from the same company. To be honest, I totally bought this range of masks just for two simple facts – Hyaluronic Acid and the Penguin Shape 😀 So these sheet masks come in fun animal forms, the ones I picked up are the Penguin ones.
    Miscellaneous: These retail for $5.00 for a 3 piece pack. That’s basically a dollar and 50 cents per sheet mask. Just slightly more expensive than the previous ones and more fun. Ingredients are pictured below. Can be found at places like TJ Maxx, Amazon or on their website. Personally, I would rather buy it from Amazon or TJ Maxx.


  • SpaScriptions Brightening Treatment Mask
    This is the last item in the mask haul that I purchased from TJ Maxx. Anytime any product says it has Vitamin C and claims to brighten, I jump on it so fast, I think I may secretly be an Olympist. Claims: Vitamin C and Glycolic Acid will help transform dull complexions into youthful skin. I’ll be the judge of that once I’ve gotten a chance to use these. When I looked at the ingredients, I was actually pleasantly surprised by the relatively short list. In my opinion, a short list of ingredients always induces a little bit of confidence in the product.
    Miscellaneous: Retails for $5.00 for a pack of 5 sheet masks. Again, a dollar for a mask. Ingredients are pictured below.


  • SNP Animal Tiger Sheet Mask
    The next and last pieces of business in the mask haul are the masks that I bought from Ulta. One of my friends showed me a video of this chick on Instagram who was wearing a really fun panda mask and it was by this brand called SNP. When I went into Ulta to pick up a couple things, I actually saw these masks right where we were queuing up for the register. When I saw the tiger sheet mask (the mask package is pictured 3 pics above) , I knew I had to pick it up! I would have definitely preferred a panda mask, but hey, I could totally pull off being a tigress. Right? Right??
    Miscellaneous: Retails for $5.00 per sheet mask. Which is hella pricey for a sheet mask in my opinion. That’s why I picked up only one just to test the waters. Exclusive to Ulta.

Mask haul

  • Tony Moly Red Wine Sheet Mask
    No respectable mask haul would be complete without a Tony Moly product I think. Their masks have received quite a lot of hype and of course, me being the curious cathy that I am, I wanted to check out what the hype was all about. Since I’ve been battling with a few pore problems recently (my skin has just been hating me for the past 10 days ), I figured I should get the red wine mask which claims to help with pores and also looks quite interesting honestly. I’ve never tried a wine themed mask before. This also has good reviews on Ulta’s website so I’m excited.
    Miscellaneous: Retails for $3.75 per sheet mask. Can be found here.

Now that I’m looking at all the goodies in this mask haul, I’m realizing that most of these were from Korean brands. Guess I’m jumping onto that K-beauty band wagon real quick. Thank you for sticking with me till the end of this haul you guyss! I really appreciate you coming back every Tuesday and joining me on my regular #takemymoneytuesday’s. I am unsure about a couple of masks, so please please let me know if you’re familiar with any of these brands and have tried anything from them. I would love to have some information from you. Have a wonderful week babes. And for those of you going to back to school like me, have a fabulous back to school week and kick some ass :*

Keep masking,


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Neha • August 30, 2016

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