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Marc Jacobs Glowstick Review: July 2016

Happy happy Monday loves! Pshhh… Who am I kidding? ‘Happy Monday’ is the biggest oxymoron there ever was 😀 Well, in any case, I hope you all had a lovely weekend. It took me forever, but I finally got around to testing the new ( new to me and not so new in the market anymore) Marc Jacobs Glowstick. School is very empty during summers and I hadn’t been going out much, so I never got around to doing a proper full face of makeup. Finally, I wore a full face most of last week, and got a chance to properly test the Marc Jacobs Glowstick out. And now, I am here to share with you my thoughts about this product.

Marc Jacobs Glowstick Glistening Illuminator

Marc Jacobs Glowstick



Packaging: I know that packaging is not the most important thing in a product, but it certainly feels good if a packaging feels luxe or is nice to look at. I really like the Marc Jacobs Glowstick packaging. I read somewhere that this highlighter was inspired by one of his favorite deodorants or something like that? Anyway, so yes, the tube basically looks like a stick of deodorant except that it’s a twist up highlighter. You get 0.49 oz of product in here.

Consistency: This product is a cream highlighter. On first touch, it feels very creamy, very soft, with just a little bit of waxy or tackiness. I really love the consistency of this. It is not too sticky or greasy nor too dry and stiff. This means that it’ll work for literally every single skin type.

Color: There is only one color in this highlighter and it is called spotlight which is described as a universal glow. And I absolutely agree with the description. If you look at the tube in person, the color is a very pale ‘white gold’ type of color with obvious tints of really really pale yellow. The presence of that little bit of warmth in it is what makes it flattering for so many skin tones. I have a ‘classic tan/NC42/medium-deep Indian’ skin tone and this highlighter worked perfectly for me.

Performance: I think that the Marc Jacobs Glowstick looks wonderful on the skin. I saw a lot of people saying that since this a cream highlighter, it was more of a subtle highlight. However, I totally disagree. I mean I’m not saying that this packs a Becca punch you know. But it’s not too subtle either. In fact, I think the amount of glow that this gives is perfect. I know the beauty world is divided into a class of people who want that ‘yaaaas, you glow girl’ type of a look and some who just want to be ‘lit from within’. I think that this glowstick falls right in the middle. Which is fantastic because I think a lot of people would enjoy its medium type intensity. On the face, the highlighter is NOT GLITTERY whatsoever. However, when I swatched the product on my hand and later rubbed the product off completely, there were specks of glitter on my hand. I’ll show you a picture below.

Marc Jacobs Glowstick

Application: Therefore, I think that the best way to apply this highlighter on the face is by dabbing and pressing this with your fingers. And anytime I felt like my fingers weren’t giving me an even application, I smoothed it over with my BeautyBlender. I would suggest not to smear or rub this product on your face even a little bit because then it could look slightly glittery like on my arm above.

Staying Power: I tested this highlighter out on two separate occasions. Both times I chose not to wear any priming base or makeup fixing spray to increase the longevity of my makeup. I wanted to test how long this lasted on the skin just by itself. I know most people wear primers and sprays to make their makeup last longer; however, I wanted to test the original staying power of this product. And I noted that the average time this stays on the face is about three hours before you have to retouch your makeup. If you’re out and about in the Texan heat like myself, maybe you’ll want to retouch in two hours. Now here’s the deal. Since this highlighter is medium intensity, you can build it up by layering a powder highlighter on top. This way it will build up the intensity as well as give your highlight more longevity.

I’ll insert a picture below (and by picture I mean a shameless selfie) of how this highlighter actually looks on the face, and an arm swatch. The pictures were taken in daylight to show as true colors as possible.



I don’t have fancy camera and lighting equipment, so I can’t show you a super good shot in lowlight of how the highlight looks exactly on the cheeks. But, the highlight on my nose, forehead, tops of my cheekbones etc. is all courtesy of the glowstick. Hopefully it helps give you a little bit of a better idea as to how this looks on.

Price: The Marc Jacobs Glowstick Glistening Illuminator retails for $42.00 on Sephora. I didn’t however purchase this product myself. I was lucky enough to be sent this product complimentary for testing purposes by Influenster.

Final Thoughts: Would I recommend this? Absolutely. Is it worth the price? This is a tricky one. Maybe it’s easy for me to say, oh yeah this was worth it since I didn’t actually pay for it myself. If you could only spend so much out of like this month’s paycheck, and you were deciding whether to get this, I’d say skip it. $42.00 is a LOT of money for a cream highlighter. With this highlighter, you are kind of paying a few extra dollars for a luxury beauty brand’s name. If I had to pick, then I’d probably get something like the Cover FX highlighters because they are the same price but that little bottle will probably last you a lot longer than this Marc Jacobs Glowstick will. And have you seen how intense those liquid highlighters from Cover FX are? You couldn’t possibly finish a bottle in your entire lifetime. Then again, if you can, get both. Why the hell not? 😀

Alrighty lovelies! I hope you had a pleasant and informative read. Come say hello to me on IG (username neighha). I like to think I’m pretty active on there 🙂 Have a beautiful week ahead and if I stay on schedule, I will see you guys back here tomorrow for a haul post. Muuuuuahhh :*

Stay Glowy loves,


*Disclosure: This product was kindly sent to me by Influenster for testing purposes. I did not purchase this myself. However, I am not sponsored in any way and all opinions ever posted on this blog will always be a 100% honest*



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Neha • July 18, 2016

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