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Lipstick Haul: July 2016

Hi hi hiiiiii you guys! I feel very well rested today even though I only went to sleep at about 10 am. Don’t ask, my sleep schedule has been so screwed up, it’s as if I’m jet lagging. I am going to try to fix it and sleep at normal times like a normal human being. With that said,┬ámy currently well rested brain is super excited to show you guys a hugeeeee lipstick haul. Does approximately 11 lipsticks count as huge? I think it does (at least for my pocket anyway ­čśë ). So, without further chit chat, let me show you another episode of #takemymoneytuesday.

So since this is a collective type of a haul, I wasn’t sure how to organize everything. I’ve decided to do a section where I show you everything that I bought from NYX and then a section for the rest of the lipstick haul.

Lipstick Haul: NYX

Everything that I bought from NYX is actually all gloss-related, so it is not lipsticks per se. I made┬áan Ulta order a couple weeks back and they had the NYX gosses on sale. I figured it was the perfect time to add a few more glosses to my collection since they’re super duper affordable anyway. I have owned a couple of NYX glosses before and they’ve been phenomenal. So there was no way I wanted to pass up the chance to grab a few more glosses on sale. Now ┬áthe key thing to keep in mind here is that NYX now has two types of gloss formulations. One is their good old NYX butter glosses (BG) which are the regular glosses. And the other is the newer NYX intense butter glosses (IBG). The intense butter glosses are exactly what the name suggests- more pigmented, more opaque, more intense version of the regular gloss.

Lipstick Haul

Top to Bottom: Peach Cobbler (BG), Summer Fruit (IBG), Funnel Delight (IBG), Strawberry Parfait (BG), Praline (BG), Tiramisu (BG), Creme Brulee (BG).

Now, Tiramisu, Creme Brulee and Peach Cobbler have been in my collection for a while whereas the others are the newer additions. I wanted to swatch them all side by side anyway so you could see the colors and the different formulas compared to each other. The whole beauty world loves these glosses and for good reason. The formula is amazing, the staying power is great, they are non-sticky, they smell phenomenal(!), they have a dizzying array of colors and the price point is brilliant. I have a couple of swatches of me wearing these lip glosses below.
Miscellaneous: Ulta has the best selection of everything NYX and most times they have a BOGO 50 % off going on so make sure to wait for that. The butter glosses retail for $4.99 a pop and the intense butter glosses retail for $5.99.




Top to Bottom: Praline Butter Gloss and Funnel Delight Intense Butter Gloss on my lips

Lipstick Haul: Collective

Now let me show you some of the lipsticks I picked up over the span of a few weeks from various places.

Jouer Liquid Lipsticks

I was so so excited about picking up the Jouer Long Wear Lip Creams. I had a discount code for 25% off from Ipsy and Jouer were having free shipping on orders of $25.00 so that was the perfect time for me to pick up a couple of their lipsticks that I’d heard everyone rave about so much.
I have already tried and played around with the formula of these and I feel like these are my absolute favorite lipsticks of the moment! The biggest selling point of these is their incredible staying power. The moment you put these on your lips they set within a span of a few seconds, and holy crap they don’t budge. They are completely transfer proof and they only start to come off when you eat something especially oily. Eventually I want to add to my Jouer collection and pick up more colors because I know these are hands down one of my favorite formulas ever.
Miscellaneous: These retail for $18.00 on the Jouer website.


The shades I picked up were Noisette (left) and Cerise (right). They are just the most intense fabulous lipsticks I have ever tried. They are right up their with my Ofra favorites.


Wearing Jouer Long Wear Lip Cream in Cerise on my lips. New favorite red that is so absolutely flattering on any skin tone.

More Lipsticks

IMG_2611 (1)


Top To Bottom: Revlon Matte Lip Balm in Fierce (this shade is new to the range), Revlon Lipstick in Rose Velvet, Jouer LWLC in Noisette, Jouer LWLC in Cerise, Elf Matte Lipstick in Wine, Rimmel London Lipstick in In Love With Ginger (beautiful on the lips and also for color correcting), and Maybelline Lipstick in Vivid Rose.


Wearing Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Vivid Rose.

Alrighty guys! There you have it. This was a bit of swatch heavy post and not much description of the lipsticks and their formulas. But keep in mind that most of the products in this lipstick haul are all things that have been raved about time and again on social media so there’s nothing new for me to add here. I love the formula of most, if not all of these lipsticks. Of course, if staying power is what you’re looking for, nothing like the Jouer Long Wear Lip creams. But if you’re looking for different finishes, maybe different colors to add to your collection, then you can find some inspiration through some of the swatches in this post. I know I am way too excited to start wearing these. If you noticed, I picked up mostly nudes or brights which are the two of my most favorite color families to wear on my lips this time of year. If you have any specific questions about formulas or anything, leave me a comment down below and I’ll share with you my thoughts.

With that said, I hope you have had a lovely start to the week. Check out my last post if you missed it. It was a review of the Marc Jacobs Glowstick highlighter. I hope you enjoyed this lipstick haul, and I’ll see you soon with another blog post. Until then..

Stay vivid loves,





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Neha • July 19, 2016

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