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June Empties: Bath and Body Works

June Empties: Skin, Hair and Bodycare 2016

Hellooo guys! It’s empties time! JUNE EMPTIES! I hope you’re having a fabulous month so far. My month is not going too well. My current summer job is ending, and I need to get another job soon, or I won’t be able to afford those gorgeous new launches happening this season by every brand 😉 Anyhoo, I am a little late, but kill me if I ever willingly miss an empties post. So today in my June empties, I’m sharing with you guys some of the products I’ve finished up since the last time I did one of these.

June Empties Products:

June Empties: Bath and Body Works

  • Bath and Body Works Lotions and Shower Gels
    My June empties would not be complete without at least one BBW product. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know I always feature them. So you guys are probably sick of me showing you the same body lotions and the same gels etc. etc. from the same brand over and over. But isn’t that a good thing because then you know I really truly love these? However, if you don’t already know my love for these or don’t know about this brand, let me reiterate some of the reasons I love the body lotions from BBW.
    1. Bath and Body Works has an insane amount of variety when it comes to their choices for fragrance. These fragrances or scents are incorporated throughout their entire line. So basically if you love a scent from them, you’re sure to find lotions, mists, sprays, candles, butters, shower gels whatever the hell you can think of in that scent.
    2. Speaking of fragrances, I absolutely love the fragrances that BBW do. I think they were some of the first ones to incorporate lovely, lush scents into body products and I for one have always been a fan of theirs.
    3. Again, speaking of fragrance, when you put on one of the BBW lotions, your entire bathroom will smell heavenly. When you sleep with the lotion on, you can smell the amazing scent two days later in your sheets, pillow case whatever. And don’t even get me started on how long lasting the scents are on the body. I honestly couldn’t think of one bad thing to say. Even if I ever progress to super expensive super fluffy luxury bath and body products, BBW products will always have a place in my beauty arsenal.
    4. Social media these days hypes up a lot of expensive bath and body products. And of course, if you are someone who loves to splurge on this segment of beauty, by all means. But I for one am the  least inclined to spend more than I need to on body products. Being in college and having a very small bank balance can do that to you 😀 So, for me, products from BBW are at the perfect price point. Actually, let me rephrase that. Even the original prices of BBW products are a little up there. But like I always say, never buy anything without factoring in some kind of a deal or discount. Hence, I always buy BBW lotions, shower gels, butters in bulk whenever they have one of their giant sales. For example, I did a mega haul of just BBW body lotions last year because I bought about 12 body lotions, as you can see in this picture, for about $52.00. Combine that with the fact that my roommate and I used to split these all the time made it an even sweeter deal.


5. Lastly, the texture of the body lotions (I mean the lotions specifically in this case, not the body creams or butters) is fantastic. I usually use the lotions in summer, and switch up to creams and butters in winters. The lotions tend to be a little bit lighter, more fluid and hence less sticky on the skin. When you perspire in the sun and you have a heavy moisturizer on, it is the worst gross, sticky feeling ever. The lotions are therefore perfect for summer time because they absorb into the skin instantly.
6. The texture of the shower gels is also great. I mean they’re shower gels and they clean my body without drying it out. And they smell great. Beyond that I don’t really know what more to say about a shower gel.
My June empties post almost became a one brand shoutout to Bath and Body Works. I apologize 😉 Let’s move on.
Miscellaneous: Originally, the body lotions and shower gels retail for $12.50, but BBW is currently having a sale where most of the lotions are reduced to $7.00. I’ll link their website here. The scents I used up in my June empties  are Plumeria, Mad About You, Enchanted Orchid body lotions and Japanese Cherry Blossom, White Tea and Ginger shower gels. I would highly recommend each and every one of these fragrances. 

June Empties

  • Hanalei Sugar Body Polish
    This was one of the top 5 body scrubs I have ever used. And I’m very surprised that I liked this product. I’ll tell you why. I usually like body scrubs that are strong in their exfoliation factor- meaning they are super scrubby. Of course there’s a difference between a scrub hurting your skin and one that effectively exfoliates. Anyway, so this Hanalei Body Polish has the type of formula in which it’s a sugar body scrub but it is chock full of oils in there too for nourishing your body at the same time that it exfoliates. Now some companies get the formula wrong and they end up putting in so much oil that the ‘scrubby’ factor is almost nil. Not with this one. In fact, when I got out of the shower and got dressed, I noticed that my skin was looking extra shiny, as if I had body makeup on. My arms, chest, decollete were all glowing and I had no idea why. The second time I used this scrub, the same thing happened! I kid you not, this polish exfoliates all the dead skin off and the oils nourish and hydrate your body so much that it literally bounces off light. The only reason I will not repurchase this is because of how fast this ran out. I bought this on an offer from Ipsy, so I got their lip scrub with this for $20.00. But for the actual price, you hardly get any quantity whatsoever. And body scrubs are the type of product where you end up needing a lot in one sitting. It is a really good product, but like I said, I’m not the type of person to spend on pricey body care.
    Miscellaneous: Retails for $35.00 for 140g  (4.9 oz) of product. In drastic comparison, my all time favorite Tree Hut scrubs are $7.60 for 18 oz at Ulta! 
  • Veet Ready to Use Wax Strip Kit
    Again, a recurring feature in my monthly empties. Therefore my June empties would be just plain wrong without a mention to this product. I actually have two empty boxes of this product. I shave my legs and arms, but I never shave my underarms and face. So for those areas particularly, I always wax. Getting my face and underarms waxed regularly at a salon would completely break my bank. So these Veet Ready to Use strips are insanely perfect! The texture of the strips is just what I need. I can’t explain it, you’d have to try one for yourself. And of course, as with all waxing, it takes a long time for the hair in that area to grow back and when it does, it is very soft and smooth and not sharp and stubby hair that you can sometimes get with using a razor. I will say one thing though. I broke out a couple of times around my upper lip area because I was tugging too hard and waxing multiple times over the same area. In such a case, give waxing a break and opt for threading.
    Miscellaneous: Can be found at any and all drugstores for approximately $4.99 depending on where you buy it from. I did find that for me, Walmart had it the cheapest.
  • Dermalogica Clear Start All Over Toner
    This is one of those products that I’m not sure if I like or love and I’ll explain why. I’ve copied the product description below from Ulta’s website.
    Dermalogica Breakout Clearing All Over Toner is a unique mist-all-over purifying toner controls excess oils and helps eliminate breakouts on the face and body. Refreshing extracts help cool and revive skin. 12 gentle botanicals including lavender, camellia sinensis and argan, known to minimize redness and skin aggravation triggered by breakouts. 1% salicylic acid.
    So basically this is a breakout controlling toner. And when I first got this, I was totally in love with it. It really did keep my breakouts at bay. And when I used it on active breakouts, within a couple days my skin would be clear again. And I attribute it to the fact that this has salicylic acid in it because I know for a fact that my skin reacts well to salicylic. Plus, since this is a mist, it is really convenient to use and spray on your face on the go. However, the weird thing is that this product stopped working for me after a few months of use. Now I know this sometimes happens with many products, especially hair products for me. It is also possible that a product stops working for you if it is in a jar packaging because the ingredients lose their potency when they are continually exposed to environmental elements. But this was a product that wasn’t in a jar packaging so I guess I’ll never know why my skin became immune to this. In any case, I only got the small deluxe sample size so it was perfect for me. I do recommend that anyone who’s suffering from mild to medium breakouts give this a try. And I suggest getting the travel size just in case the same thing happens to you and your skin eventually becomes immune to this product. That way you won’t have wasted too much  money. I think that if there’s one product you try out of my June empties, it should be this.
    Miscellaneous: Retails for $20.00 for 4 oz full size which I think is really great value for money. By the way, this product has gotten amazing reviews from people suffering from acne on Ulta’s website so it is definitely worth a shot.
  • Promise Organic Argan Creme Facial Lotion with Olive Oil
    This is one of the meh products of my June empties. This is basically a facial moisturizer. I recived this as a deluxe sample in one of the goodies from my Ipsy bag. I liked it but I didn’t love it.
    Pros: It has a nice light citrusy scent, and the whole brand is organic so that’s a plus.
    Cons: It was a decent moisturizer, but it didn’t wow me too much. And since I have dry skin, I need a moisturizer to wow me. This is also only sold at CVS, and is out of stock online many times. So it is a little difficult to get a hold of this product. All in all, it is not bad but not worth all the effort in my opinion.
    Miscellaneous: Retails for $14.99 for 1.7 oz only at CVS. Expensive for what it is.
  • Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair Deep Hair Conditioning Mask
    Another meh product in the June empties arsenal. I received a small pot of this in my Ipsy bag. I was surprised that this product didn’t perform very well considering it is a higher end hair care brand sold at Sephora and isn’t exactly cheap.
    Pros: Even the small pot lasts you quite a while. Perfect for traveling; took it with me to Vegas and Cancun (if you’d like read my Las Vegas and Cancun adventures, I have a travel section on the blog 🙂 ) This doesn’t weigh your hair down and smells fine.
    Cons: I have fine thin and straight hair which isn’t too dry or bleached or overly damaged. But even then, this conditioner mask wasn’t nourishing enough. I can imagine that folks with much more damaged hair wouldn’t like this at all.
    Miscellaneous: Retails for $36.00 for 8 oz  ( or $9.00 for 1 oz) on the Sephora website.

Phewwww! That was a bit of a long post I think. If you made this far through my June empties, mad mad mad props to you! Thank you for sticking with me. Please let me know some of your June empties. I would love to poke my nose in your business 😀 I hope you all have a lovely week ahead and do come back here for a haul post next 🙂

Much love ladies and gents,


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