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ColourPop Mini Haul: July 2016

Helloo babes! Oh my God, can you believe that this is my first ever Colourpop order? Like, no joke, I have never owned anything from Colourpop before. What kind of a beauty blogger am I? Not a very good one lemme tell ya that. Haha, anyway, so the other day I saw that Colourpop were having a 20% off sale on all eyeshadows? Can you believe that? I mean if you are not familiar with Colourpop, then I’ll explain. They are a cosmetics brand that have received a huge cult following due to the amazing quality of their makeup at one of the most affordable prices you will ever experience. Most especially, Colourpop’s eyeshadows, also known as their Super Shock Shadows, are one of the most unique and brilliantly formulated eyeshadows in today’s market. Each eyeshadow retails for $5.00, so with the 20% off sale, I got each shadow for $4.00. Tell me, how can you go wrong with a $4.00 supreme quality eyeshadow? I mean hell, even drugstore brands like L’Oreal and Maybelline etc have eyeshadows that are more expensive. So let’s get on with the haul for #takemymoneytuesday and I’ll show swatches of all the colors I picked up.

ColourPop Super Shock Shadows Haul:

colourpop eyeshadows

I picked up a total of eight shadows and all of them shimmery. Basically Colourpop is very well known for their shimmery, metallicy shades and so this being my first order, those are the ones that I wanted to pick up. Some of the finishes are pearlized, some metallic, some ultra-metallic.

From Top Left to Right:
1. Game Face: Described as a liquid like deep penny copper in an ultra-metallic finish.

ColourPop Game Face

Their description could not be more perfect. Look at this intensity, I have never seen a shadow that is quite as brilliant as this. This is possibly one of my favorite colors from my order.

2. La La: A true rose gold in an ultra-metallic finish


La-La is seriously amazing for those of you who want to wear a little pink eyeshadow. This color has just the right amount of pale rose gold in it to make a gorgeous lid color. That shine though..

3. Drift: True cranberry in a pearlized finish 

ColourPop Drift

I apologize for the slightly blurry photo, I didn’t realize I was holding the shadow too close to the lens. But I really wanted to show you guys the true depth of that cranberry. It’s stunning.

4. Kathleen Lights: Bright Golden Copper in a pearlized finish

Colourpop Kathleen Lights

I am so so happy that this shade is sold individually, because I love almost everything that Kathleen Lights does and this is one of my favorite colors from her collection, so I had to pick it up.

5. Sunset Blvd: Warm golden bronze in a pearlized finish. 

ColourPop Sunset Blvd

Sunset Blvd is similar to La-la in my opinion. La-La is more of a true pale pink rose gold, whereas Sunset Blvd has more yellow mixed in it. Equally as stunning.

6. Porter: A warm burgundy with gold multi- dimensional gold glitter on top in a metallic finish


This color is exactly as they say, a beautiful red-purple burgundy. This was also one of the shadows that was part of the Kathleen Lights collection.

7. Mooning: A rich blackened bronze highlighted with warm hints of pearlized glitter.

Colourpop Mooning

As you can probably tell, coppers, golds, bronzes, warm colors are just my jam. I picked up a bunch of paler golds or warmer colors, so I wanted to pick up one darker bronze for my collection.

8. Cricket: A smoky mid-tone plum with warm and cool highlights of soft glitter.


If porter and mooning had a baby, it would be this one. Cricket is like equal parts black, bronze, red, plum and cranberry mixed into one with multi-colored shimmer running through it.

Below are some hand swatches of all eight shades taken in daylight. And I promise you my swatch game sucks, so these swatches don’t do the colors half the justice they deserve. They deserve to be showcased with a bomb-ass DSLR but oh well, we’ll make do 🙂

Top to Bottom: Cricket, Mooning, La-La, Drift, Kathleen Lights, Porter, Sunset Blvd, Game Face.


There you have it guys. The formula of these shadows is just incredible. When you swatch the colors, they literally feel like soft clouds on your fingers, they are that smooth. And oh my God, these are so so long lasting. All day I had an armful of swatches and they didn’t rub on my clothes, my bed or anything. The only time they came off was when I scrubbed my hands properly in the shower. Ughhh, I am just so in love with these. These are worth all the hype and attention they get on social media.

Thank you so much for visiting me, checking out my posts and just being so amazing in general. Wait for another sale and pick up as much as you can. You won’t be disappointed I promise. I hop you enjoyed the swatches and maybe got some inspiration on what colors are missing from your collection.

Hope you guys had a fabulous long weekend,








Neha • July 5, 2016

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