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Las Vegas: Travelogue 2016

Las Vegas was possibly one of the best trips I have had since I’ve been here at Texas A&M. And the main reason for that is because it was kinda the last trip with all my friends here in college since most of them graduated this semester. If you have been following some of my travels in the past few months, you’ll know that I was in Mexico in December and then in New Mexico during March. For an average college kid like myself, not gonna lie, these trips had left me broke. After a lot of convincing and several days of emotional blackmail by my friends, I finally gave in and we all decided to go on one last trip together to celebrate the years we’ve all known each other. I know I sound cheesy, but even if some of us drift apart, we’ll at least have these spectacular memories to remember our college days.

Las Vegas : The Trip

Las Vegas for us was four days of typical young adult fun- partying, boozing (I know that’s not a word 😛 ) and gambling. Oh my God, gambling. Since gambling is illegal in Texas, there aren’t many occasions that any of us get to gamble around here. Which is probably the reason why we gambled our lives away out there. I’m going to keep this post more of a travelogue style and not a travel guide style; only because we didn’t really travel outside of the strip at all, and the strip mostly consists of clubs, hotels, restaurants.. you know.

Day 1: Flying to Las Vegas
The main reason for us going to Vegas were the air tickets – the cheap ass Spirit Airlines air tickets which fit right in with our budgets. So there we are, all 15 idiotic, loud college kids boarding the plane to Las Vegas from the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. Three hours and one short taxi ride later, we were in one of THE best luxury hotels in Las Vegas- Caesar’s Palace. In true middle class style, we stared in awe at the hotel for a good few minutes, just admiring the grandeur in and around the hotel. After checking in and shoving our luggage into our rooms, the first thing we did is look for places to eat. It had been a long day of driving and flying and traveling, and boy we were starving. What we soon realized was, EVERYTHING in Las Vegas is twice as expensive. So, for the next few days we mainly stuck to Chipotles and pizzas to save our moolah for more let’s say worthier things 😉 Anyhoo, by the time the food arrived, I, in true grandma fashion, had fallen asleep, never to wake up for the rest of the night. Such is life haha.

Caesar's Palace- Las Vegas

There’s no way my lame photography does justice to just how beautiful this hotel was. And how it was three times bigger than what I can possibly photograph.

Caesar's Palace- Las Vegas

Gorgeous Atrium


Day 2: Learning Blackjack for the First Time
Today is the day which will probably make for an extremely boring read but was a superbly fun day. This day I literally woke up, took my time getting ready in the luxurious bathroom and proceeded down to gamble away 9 straight hours of my life in the casino. I knew a little bit about Blackjack beforehand, but that was day I really learnt well enough to confidently play in the casino. Some casino tips: 1) Carry cash from home. Withdrawing from the hotel ATM is an expensive affair 2) Dress your best. If you’re dressed well, you’ll just be that much more confident in the casino, and the servers tend to bring you more alcohol teeeheee. 3) Find a good dealer, if you hate your dealer, you’ll end up hating the game and possibly losing money because you’re just oozing negativity around the table. Also, tipping the dealer means they help you and give some great advice if you need. 4) End of the day, listen to your gut and have fun.

Makeup- Las Vegas

For lack of photos from this day, here is a picture of my makeup picks for a super glowy look.

Day 3: More Casino + Walking Around the Strip
Today was a particularly fun day. I have quite a few pictures to show you, starting from the gorgeous and effing gigantic pool of our hotel. So we spent the morning exploring Caesar’s Palace, and chilling by the pool. And the best part? In-Pool Blackjack tables! How freaking amazing was that ?!


View from the room



This is just half of the ginormous pool. Behind from where I’m taking the picture is the other half of the pool. So dreaaamy. Sighh.


In-pool Blackjack

So after spending our morning in the pool, we showered, lunched, chilled, got ready and headed out to explore the strip for the day. Our main stop was the hotel The Venetian. This hotel is every bit as beautiful and as luxurious as was Caesar’s Palace. However, if I was given a choice and if I went back, I’d probably stay at Caesar’s again. I just found the shops, the restaurants and the overall ambiance of the hotel a tad bit more pleasing.


Exploring the strip


Beautiful ceiling art at The Venetian


One of the cafes in The Venetian. The same artificial ceiling is replicated at the Caesar’s Palace shops as well, and I absolutely love it. It literally transports you to a European style world.


The venetian style canals and gondolas have been replicated here at The Venetian Las Vegas

I know you’re tired of hearing me talk about gambling by now. In my defense, I never thought I was a big gambler either. However, just being in that place, the energy of Las Vegas is infectious-where it’s all glitzy and glamorous and you just want to keep playing and rake in towers of money. Of course we all know the only one who ever wins is the casino haha. Anyway, so this was our last day in Vegas, but our flight wasn’t until midnight so in a way we had the entire day to do whatever we pleased. After checking out of the hotel, we kept our luggage in the hotel itself so that we could come back later in the night and pick it back up. Now here’s an interesting turn of events. Remember when I said the casino is the only one who wins? Well, at this point, it was my last day in Vegas and I really wanted to play some more. However, things were such that it was impossible to play in any of the big hotels because during the weekend, the minimum buy-in for the tables is no less than $25.00. And so far most of us had been playing on the kids table- the $10.00 buy in tables. So, we set out in search of casinos that had more reasonable buy-ins. And voila!! We hit the jackpot – Casino Royale is a five minute walk from Caesar’s Palace and is honestly one of the best casinos in my opinion. Now the term best is relative. It is not as grand and posh as compared to some of the other casinos we played at. But the good part about this casino was 1) of course the cheaper buy in on the weekends 2)Their ATM only charged you $1.00 transaction fee which was pretty much unheard of in all of Vegas 3)Their waitresses were some of the best. They came around to ask you for free drinks every ten to fifteen minutes- this can be a good or a bad thing depending on how you look at it 😉
This was the casino where spent the majority of our day. And believe me, just hanging out in Las Vegas, ruling over all the casino tables with your friends, having a grand old time and just having a blast in general- it was one of those indescribable moments. We could not have had a better last day in Vegas. The night ended with a lot of winnings, some puking happened on the slot machines and lots and lots of laughter 😀 . We headed back to the airport with the glistening lights of Vegas still dancing in our eyes.



I hope you guys had a pleasant read. Just writing this a few days after our trip is making me so nostalgic. If you ever get the chance to visit anyplace in the world with your friends, say YES. Everything else will fall into place. ♠♣♥♦

♥Much love♥,






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Neha • May 25, 2016

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