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April Empties

April Empties: Skin, Hair and Bodycare 2016

April Empties! I love love doing these empties posts but I feel like it has been a while since I did one. Anyway, I’m going to try and make this a monthly empties type of a thing just so I can keep you guys updated on all the products used up each month. I really enjoyed doing the setup for some of the pictures in this post, so I hope you’ll like them. And without more incessant chatter, let’s do this.

April Empties:

April Empties

  1. Olay Soothing Orchid and Black Currant Body Wash
    There are some people who are really picky and knowledgeable about their body washes. Me? Like I’ve said before, I honestly am not too picky as long as it smells good and doesn’t dry my skin out. Body wash is also a category of grooming that I don’t splurge too much on; drugstore options work just fine for me. So that being said, this Olay body wash smells absolutely divine. It glides on your body and leaves you feeling super moisturized without any hint of sticky residue whatsoever. And for the price of it, you get a freaking massive bottle that will last you ages. The only reason I even managed to use this up as fast as I did is because I used it as my bubble bath as well. Mix this with some of Dr. Teal’s lavender epsom salts, and your whole bath smells incredible!
    Miscellaneous: You can find it at Walmart for about $5.00.
  2. OGX Biotin and Collagen Shampoo
    I have raved about OGX shampoos before, and I’ll do so again. At all times, there’s always one OGX shampoo in my bathroom on constant rotation. I may try several different shampoos, but I always have a bottle of this in my shower alongside others. I just think you cannot go wrong with any of their shampoos. This one in particular is the best one in their range IMO. If you know a little bit about my hair, you’ll know that it’s pretty fine and flat and needs all the help it can get. This biotin and collagen shampoo literally does thicken my hair and gives it a much fuller appearance and helps it look voluminous and fluffy. A couple years ago I had had a bob haircut done, which turns out wasn’t a cute look for me at all. And this is the shampoo that sped up the entire process of growing my hair out. I just cannot say enough good things about this one. Do give this a try the next time you’re in the market for a new shampoo.
    Miscellaneous: Can be found at Walmart for about $5.00
  3. Bath and Body Works French Lavender and Honey Body Lotion
    Again, same deal with body lotion, I am not too picky with these either. I am very picky about my body lotion fragrances however. Because body lotion is the last item I put on after my shower, I make sure to choose good fragrances so that my skin smells good all day long. This particular scent from Bath and Body Works is fantastic to say the least. It literally reminds you of a French countryside each time you wear it. And oh my God, these lotions are so potent, their scent lasts an insanely long amount of time. If I shower at night, put on lotion and go to sleep, I can smell the amazing fragrance on my bed, in my throw, in my bedsheets, in my clothes.. you get the point. I love the longevity of these. It’s freaking incredible. And of course, the formula is also good, not too sticky and not too thick.
    Miscellaneous: I never pay full price for Bath and Body Works because you can always find some or the type of deal going on. So, wait for a sale or coupon or something. You can find this lotion on the Bath and Body Works website for $12.50.
  4. Klorane Smoothing and Relaxing Eye Patches
    This is my second packet of these. These eye patches aren’t life-changing or a must have by any means, but they are a good thing to keep around if you have puffy, tired eyes, if you’ve been crying or your undereyes just feel sore and you want to bring them back to life. I’ve written about these in a post before so you can read a little bit more over there as well.
    Miscellaneous: Find them at Sephora.

April Empties

  1. Simple Micellar Cleansing Water
    My April empties would not have been complete if I didn’t mention this product. I just did a whole dedicated post on the Simple Micellar Cleansing Water a few days ago. For a full in depth review on this product, please read it here. Suffice to say, I love this product and have already repurchased a second bottle.
    Miscellaneous: Can be found at many drugstores, including Walmart.
  2. Peter Thomas Roth Mega-Rich Shampoo
    Didn’t find this shampoo to be doing much for my hair. It was a decent shampoo, I really have no opinion on this. It wasn’t anything fabulous or different or anything. Generally speaking, I rate PTR’s skincare more than their haircare and what not.
    Miscellaneous: I got this as a sample from Ipsy. The full size is available at Sephora.
  3. Dove Go Fresh Cool Essentials Cucumber and Green Tea Deodorant
    This is another exciting feature for my April empties simply because I love the fragrance of this deodorant. It smells so fresh, so clean-which is precisely what you’d want your deodorant to smell like if it’s supposed to keep your underarms fresh and clean all day. And the longevity is incredible! You can smell this deodorant on you even at the end of the day. Sometime when you’re walking, moving, your arms are moving, you can smell whiffs of this deodorant on you, and since it is such a pleasant scent I love that the scent floats up to my nose occasionally. I’m not much of a sporty person, so I don’t know how well this performs in terms of anti-perspiration when you’re doing like intense exercising. Also, do you know how satisfying it is to actually finish up an entire tube of stick deodorant? There’s a certain sense of accomplishment to this haha.
    Miscellaneous: Mine was a travel version of 0.5 oz and it lasted me ages. The full size can be found at Walmart.
  4. Organix Hydrating Macadamia Oil Intensive Moisture Mask
    Two OGX features in my April empties? Go OGX! FYI: OGX and Organix are the same brand, they’ve just done some renaming due to legal issues. Apparently their products are not entirely organic and their name misleads people. Whatever. I’m not really bothered by it. Back to the product. This is not my favorite hair treatment from the brand. It doesn’t really condition my hair the way I need it to, and it weighs my fine hair down. If you want to pick up a good treatment from OGX, try the Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Treatment. Boy that treatment did wonders for my hair. I have reviewed in an empties before which I’ll link here so you can go read about it more over there. I have very few duds in my April empties, but this macadamia oil treatment is one of them. This claims to mend split ends and hydrate hair, and I promise you it didn’t do either.
    Miscellaneous: Can be found at many drugstores including Target.

Alright loves, this was the round up of some of my April empties. Hope you found some useful information. i’m going to try and keep these coming every month. Love you!

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Neha • May 1, 2016

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