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Milani Fierce Foil Eyeshine: Review 2016

If you follow me on Instagram (@neighha) , then you might have seen that I did a Milani haul a little while back. One of the things I picked up in the haul was the Milani Fierce Foil Eyeshine quad. I tested the eyeshadows out and I’m finally well equipped to give you my thoughts.

Milani Fierce Foil Eyeshine

The quad on the left is the Milani Fierce Foil Eyeshine that I’m reviewing today. The one on the right is the Milani Earthy Elements shadow palette that I’ll do a review on at a later time

Milani Fierce Foil Eyeshine – General Thoughts:

Milani is one of my favvvorite brands at the drugstore, there’s no doubt about that. They have some amazing quality makeup. Like with any brand however, there are always going to be some hit products and some that are just rubbish. The Milani Fierce Foil Eyeshine falls into the rubbish category.

Milani Fierce Foil Eyeshine

The Milani Fierce Foil Eyeshine comes in four color ranges. I only picked out the quad named Florence (pictured above), because the colors are a beautiful range of bronzes, coppers, neutrals. I’m not going to spend time talking about packaging because it’s not important to me in a product and anyway in this case, I do like the packaging.

  • The colors in this entire range are beautiful. There is a quad of purples, blues, the one above is neutrals etc. They are all very beautiful to look at.
  • Other than that, I really don’t have a pro to list.
  • Oh, where do I begin? First of all, this product is very patchy. When you try to swatch the colors on your arms, the product comes out in clumps. If you see the picture above, then you can see the big dents I have made in two of the colors. Yeah, those are just the dents from ONE use. That’s because it is very very difficult to pick up the product, it literally just comes off in tiny little clumps. You really have to dig in to the pan to get anything transferred to your hand, and even then, it’s a terrible mess. Brushes, fingers, the applicator they provide-nothing works to help pick this product up from the pan.
  • There is nothing FOILED about these eyeshadows. Now, Milani does market this product as an eyeshine. So they basically say that it’s supposed to be an eyeshadow topper, or can even be worn alone for a ‘glossy’ look. Yeah, I think the word they meant to use is OILY. And I don’t even have oily eyelids yet this made my eyelids look weird, cakey, creasy, oily all at the same time.
  • I repeat, these are not foiled, they are just plain simple GLITTER. And I’m all for a little glitter and sparkle on the eyes, but these are not glittery in a pretty way. They just make you look like a five year old went to town with applying makeup on your eyes. Oh, and did I mention that somehow the glitter travels to ALL OVER your face within the span of a few minutes? I mean, this is a cream shadow, it’s not powder, so it’s not supposed to have any fallout. Yet, it does my friends.
  • It retails for about $9.99 at the drugstores. This price is not justified by a single penny for how the product actually performs.
You can see the glitter in this product. And trust me, I tried hard to get the pigment to show up on my arms, Yet, it is super patchy and clumpy.

You can see the glitter in this product. And trust me, I tried hard to get the pigment to show up on my arms, Yet, it is super patchy and clumpy.

Miani Fierce Foil Eyeshadow

And here is me after spending a considerable amount of time trying to work with the shadows. You can see that despite the amount of product I used up from the pan, barely any actually shows up on my eye.

So that’s it my lovelies. I know this review was a little brutal, but I promise you, if you do your research online, like me, you won’t be able to find anyone who was able to get behind this product. I promise I’ll do a Milani favorites post sometime soon though, because some of my favorite makeup items are from this brand. So don’t discard this brand completely from your mind when you shop at the drugstore. Just don’t pick this particular product up 😀

May your eyeshadow be flawless today,



Neha • April 27, 2016

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