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Bodycare Haul: Drugstore 2016

Back at it again- shopping! I’m coming to you with a relatively small bodycare haul from the drugstore. I have this running list of absolute must-have bodycare things that I wanted to buy and over the past couple of months, I managed to gather enough to do a haul.

Bodycare Haul

Fun Fact: Flowers are  my absolute favorite way to accessorize any picture. They just bring such life and color into a picture. Of course I’m not the first one to do this type of photography, but I must say I’m loving it. Also, carnations are literally the BEST type of indoor flowers to keep if you want something that will be low maintenance and will last for days and days.


  • Essence of Beauty Wet/Dry Body Brush
    There are many products out there which are geared toward exfoliation for your body. So the whole concept of exfoliation and removing dry dead skin is not new whatsoever. However, what is new to me is dry brushing. After doing a little bit of reading, I found that dry brushing is a fantastic technique which not only helps to remove dead skin cells, but also aids in removal of toxins from your skin/body and improves the appearance of cellulite. Does this not sound absolutely incredible? Of course it does! So, on a recent visit to CVS, luckily my eyes fell on this wet/dry brush from Essence of Beauty. And what drew me in are the little massager beads dispersed within the brush itself. I cannot wait to test this product out. I only wish I had found one with a long handle for those hard to reach places on your body like your back.
    Miscellaneous: Price Point is $6.29 at CVS. You can find these at many drugstores, local grocery stores etc. The exact one is found only in stores.
  • Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub in Almond and Honey
    Sticking to the exfoliation theme, I picked up this sugar scrub by Tree Hut. Sugar scrubs are one of the most essential parts of my bodycare regimen. I love the Tree Hut scrubs because they are the perfect blend of gritty yet not overly drying. I don’t honestly think there is any need to buy expensive body scrubs from places like Sephora or anything. These drugstore scrubs will do the exact same job and they come in lovely fragrances as well. For that matter, you can most certainly make your own DIY body scrub just as easily without having to spend a ton of money. Since I’m not a DIY kinda person, I just like to buy mine. This is probably my sixth or seventh time buying these Tree Hut scrubs.
    Miscellaneous: Price point is $5.00-$7.00 depending on where you buy it. Can be found at CVS, Walmart etc. Link –> Body Scrub
  • CVS 100% Acetone Nail Polish Remover
    Not sure if nail polish remover is technically a bodycare item, but I’m chucking it in here anyway. A few months ago, I bought some really pretty glitter nail polishes from Essie. However, it was probably my first time using glitter nail polish (as an adult at least). Before that, I hadn’t been much into glittery nails, I always just loved matte nail polishes. Anyway, so after I started using glitter polishes, I realized what a right pain in the arse it was to remove them with my regular nail polish remover. I knew Sephora sold removers specifically for glitter polishes, however, I wanted to find a cheaper alternative. So, I made a trip to CVS and found this tub of polish remover. It is one of those sponge type containers where you dip your fingers in and wiggle them around to get your nail polish off. The packaging said it works great on glitter nails so I’m really hoping it does.
    Miscellaneous: This is available in-stores only. It retails for about $4.00.
  • EOS Cucumber Hand Lotion
    If you remember those lovely spheres of lip balm that became super popular, then you’ll know about this brand — EOS. When I saw the packaging for their hand lotion, I immediately grabbed it. The secondary reason for me picking it up was that I am actually in need of new hand lotions since I literally finished all of mine up from either my Ipsy bags or the ones I bought from The Body Shop last summer. I think this hand lotion is going to be the perfect size to carry around in my bag everyday. Since I work a lot in my labs at school, my hands are perpetually dry and I always have to carry hand lotion with me.
    Miscellaneous: I found mine at my local HEB. You can also find this at Ulta. I’ll link it below. It retails for just a couple bucks. Link –> EOS Hand Lotion
  • Soap And Glory Hand Food
    You know the joy when your local stores suddenly start carrying foreign brands that weren’t easily available before? This is how excited I felt when I knew that Ulta now carries Soap and Glory. Soap and Glory is traditionally a UK brand and is easily found in their drugstores. Their bodycare items are apparently delicious in their smell. You can now readily find Soap and Glory in Ulta. Again, I really wanted to buy a couple of new hand creams – one for my handbag and one to keep on my bathroom counter. I have heard so many people rave about this hand cream from Soap and Glory and how it smells delicious etc etc. Well, those people are right. This hand cream smells soooo yummy. I have tried it out once on my hand, and the consistency is a thick whipped body cream texture and it is not too oily but it is hydrating. I’m going to keep using it and post an update in a future post.
    Miscellaneous: Really inexpensive, this big tube was for $8.00 which is so much cheaper compared to something from like The Body Shop or Sephora. Link –> Soap and Glory Hand Food
  • Studio 35 Beauty Gel Toe Spacers 
    I rarely get pedicures at a salon, I mostly do my manicures and pedicures at home to save some cash. One of things that bothers me is when my freshly painted toes stick together and then the polish gets ruined. So I bought this set of two gel toe spacers. I used them today and they feel like they are good quality; much better than using standard one-time use foam spacers anyway.
    Miscellaneous: These are $2.99 at CVS. These can be found at any drugstore. I couldn’t find a link to these exact ones online, so I presume you can only find these in stores at CVS.

That’s it for today’s bodycare post loves. Hope you found some useful things that maybe you want to pick up, or just found it a mildly interesting read. I know I love watching and reading people’s hauls.

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Neha • April 3, 2016

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