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Sephora Haul: March 2016

It is 88F/31C in Texas today! You can literally smell spring in the air and it is a gorgeous warm sunny day outside. I went to SXSW in Austin yesterday; I was only there for a few hours, but the energy in the city was palpable. I loved it. Also, for those of you who are in school, happy Spring break! The weather couldn’t be more perfect if you’re travelling someplace for the break. Since I spent all my money in Mexico, I’m enjoying a staycation 🙂 Alright, with the pleasantries out of the way, let’s chat beauty/skincare. I have another Sephora haul for you, if you missed my first one, take a peek here. Today’s haul is very minimal, consisting of only a few choice products.

Sephora Haul

  1. Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask 
    This mask is described as an extreme detoxifying hydrator. If you’re at all familiar with beauty terms, you’ll immediately be intrigued with this oxymoron. Usually, detoxifying masks are nowhere near hydrating; they’re almost always clay masks that dry out your skin. I am extremely excited to try this out and see what it does for my skin. I love PTR in general, their skincare is quite good; however, I didn’t have too many positive things to say about their haircare which I mentioned in a previous post. In any case, I will update you guys as soon as I put this to the test.
    Miscellaneous: The bottle I have is a deluxe 1 oz sample size. I received this as a birthday month free perk from Sephora back in December.
  2. Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel
    This cleanser is highly rated and ‘loved’ on Sephora. This was again part of the free birthday perk from Sephora. I’m happy that I’m getting to try out some of these products for free before having to commit to the full size because let me tell you, PTR is not a cheap brand. Anyway, the intriguing bit about this product is that they say it contains glycolic, salicylic acid and fruit extracts. My skin loves both the acids, they work very well to keep my little acne bumps at bay. And the fruit extracts I’m hoping will help brighten out my skin tone.
    Miscellaneous: The full size of this cleanser retails for $38.00 on Sephora.comSephora Haul
  3. Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster
    Let’s talk about something that I have tried, tested and is a repurchase. If you saw my empties post, you’ll have seen me raaave about this gem of a product. My skin is literally addicted to this serum. I cannot live without it. The way it brightens and evens out my skin tone is genius! And the texture, consistency, pump packaging and even the price-are all on point. This is one of those must-have do-all type of products everyone needs in their skin arsenal. Anyway, so Sephora has these kits of an assortment of Ole Henriksen products and I decided to pick it up. I knew I needed to repurchase the serum and I was in need of a new moisturizer- this kit was the perfect purchase. (spoiler- I hate this moisturizer now that I’ve gotten a chance to use it; I’m going to stick to my origins one from now on).
    Miscellaneous: Find this set on Sephora.com for $46.00 ($68 value). Btw, it says $68.00 value on the sticker of the box, but it says $65.00 value on Sephora. Why you trick us Sephora?
  4. Ole Henriksen Total Truth Eye Cream SPF 15
    This is the second product I got in the same kit that I mentioned above. I have a couple of eye creams which are appropriate for nighttime since they are on the heavier side. I wanted an eye cream which was good for daytime use and this one seems like a good option to try. Like I’ve said before, my skin loves Vitamin C which this cream has. So if this cream manages to lighten the appearance of my dark circles (although mine are not too prominent I like to think) then I’m sold! Bonus: It has SPF in it.
    Miscellaneous: A half ounce pot of this bad boy is $45.00 ! Ouch.
  5. Ole Henriksen Truth Creme Advanced Hydration
    Since I purchased some of these products back in December, I’ve had the opportunity to test a couple of them out. This is one of them. And I can tell you straight up that I bloody despise this lotion. The very first thing that turns me off is the scent. If you read my posts, you’ll know that I rarely ever complain about smells because I’m not sensitive to them at all. This cream is supposed to be orange-scented. I love orange scented products. But this one? This one smells straight up of rotten oranges! I hate it. After using it for the last four months, I have gotten used to it, but I definitely won’t repurchase this. If you pay an arm and a leg for a product, you can atleast expect that they’d put effort in making their products smell nice. I could have gotten over the smell if this was like the best moisturizer of the planet. It’s not. It leaves your skin extremely greasy-and I mean everyone can see the grease film on your face. I’ve had friends ask me whether I’ve put on a mask on my face. It also doesn’t brighten, tighten or even hydrate your face. This moisturizer is a complete fail. Ole Henriksen is a lovely brand-you already know they make the best serum. However, this product is not worth a penny. The best alternative to this and the best cream so far is the Origins GinZing moisturizer. That one has a lovely scent and performs beautifully! End of my rant.
    Miscellaneous: Retails for $48.00. Yuck.IMG_8731
  6. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal
    Take one look at the picture above- can you look at the brilliance shimmering throughout the powder? I finally jumped on the Becca bandwagon and bought this highlighter. I know everyone is going gaga over the shade Champagne Pop which was a Jaclyn Hill X Becca collab but I wasn’t sure how that would look on my skin tone so I went with this. I haven’t touched this yet because I wanted to save the packaging, it’s untouched prettiness and everything to write this post and then put it to the test. I have a few good drugstore highlighters so I’m excited to see if this is really as amazing as everyone hypes it up to be for it’s price.
    Miscellaneous: Retails for $38.00. If I like this, I might give Champagne Pop a chance.


Let’s end this post with a flatlay to brighten up your day. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram; my handle is @neighha.

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Neha • March 14, 2016

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