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Everyday Quick Makeup: Spring 2016

Hiii you guyss! It is almost the end of spring break and I am freaking out. These past few days have been so relaxing it’s not even funny. Of course, like any typical college kid, I’m going to crib and complain about how I don’t want school to pick back up on Monday. Meh.. Life goes on. Speaking of spring, I decided I would do a post on my quick everyday go-to makeup (that is.. when I actually put in the effort of wearing makeup).

Now, I want to make a huge disclaimer here. I am, by no means, a beauty ‘expert, guru,’ etc. I’m not even that good at makeup. But, I like makeup and I’m learning new things everyday. So that’s what I want to show you here. Keep in mind, I have an Indian tan skin tone and problematic skin, so a lot of the things I try to do are geared towards perfecting my complexion and less towards crazy wings or bright bold eyes. I’m basically going to show you pictures from my trip to Austin last weekend which is where I wore this makeup look. I don’t own a fancy camera, I don’t use any crazy heavy editing apps like Photoshop, Facetune (yet heee) etc etc. So everything you’ll see will be pictures of how my makeup looks in real life, in natural light with an iPhone 6s. Alright, let’s do this.

everyday makeup

This is a layout of my usual everyday makeup essentials that I keep in my college bag

Everyday makeup

This is my finished look

Let me walk you through the makeup I used:

Base/Foundation: Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream in the shade Medium/Deep. Maybelline is one of the best drugstore brands in my opinion because their shade range shows that they care about diverse ethnicities and not just various shades of white. I always opt for a BB cream in my daily routine because I just can’t stand the feeling of heavy makeup especially for everyday wear. FYI: I look paler in this picture than I am in person because of the way the sun is lighting up my face.
Miscellaneous: Price point ranges from $6 to $9 depending on where you buy it from.

Concealer: My all time favorite concealer is the Maybelline Fit ME! concealer. Now, the thing I just mentioned about Maybelline and how they cater to various shades— well, it doesn’t apply here haha. They have a limited range of shades in this line of concealers. However, I love these concealers so much, I decided to make it work by buying two shades to mix and match. I use the shades 25 Medium and 30 Cafe. I use a mixture of the two under my eyes and everywhere else I would need to spot conceal.
Miscellaneous: Price point is $5.00-7.00.

Powder: For setting my face, I use the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in the shade Natural.
Let me start by saying how phenomenal this powder really is. There are times when I wear just this powder on my face with nothing else on, and my boyfriend will compliment my skin. I mean, if  boys notice a difference in your skin/makeup, chances are the product is a huge winner 😉 When you put this powder on, especially underneath your eyes, it highlights and mattifies in the most soft  focus-flawless finish ever. I love it, and props to the fact that it is soo inexpensive. It is worth all the hype it gets.
Miscellaneous: Price point is $3.00-4.00.

Eyes: I am wearing the lightest dusting of a brown shadow from the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette. The eyeliner I’m wearing is from a brand called Doucce. In all honesty I don’t like this eyeliner whatsoever- I received it in an Ipsy bag  so I’m just going to use it up. The star of the show is the mascara I’m wearing which is the Tarte Lights Camera Lashes mascara. This is my holy grail, most favorite mascara of all time. It is a repurchase and I’m quite certain I will keep buying this again and again. It volumizes, lengthens, defines, and holds a curl like none other.
Miscellaneous: I got the Smashbox palette in an offer from Ipsy for about $19 I think. I can’t recall for certain. The Doucce eyeliner was also received in an Ipsy bag. The mascara retails for about $21.00 at Sephora.

*I did not do my eyebrows on this particular day because I forgot to pack my eyebrow pencil in my little makeup bag*

Lips: In Spring/Summer I always opt for glosses, balms, light textured lipsticks. In fact, in my everyday makeup I rarely wear a full-on lipstick or a liquid lipstick. I have two options for those of you who like to have a little color on their lips but don’t want to all out with a lipstick. The Fresh Sugar Rose lip treatment is an excellent choice. It has the lightest of tints– especially on my skin tone and natural lip tone, this gives off a very muted tint. It even has SPF in it which is such a bonus during the upcoming season. A second, more pigmented option are the Revlon Lip Butters. I cannot recommend the lip butters enough. They are pigmented yet lightweight, they are so creamy and nourishing, and even last decently long considering they’re a glorified balm. I cannot find a single fault with these. They even come in a variety of shades. You are guaranteed to find a shade suitable for you. FYI: The lip butter in Pink Truffle is one those perfect nudes for Indian skin tones. Check it out if you’ve been craving to find a good nude lip.
Miscellaneous: The Fresh Sugar Rose lip treatment was a gift. The Revlon Lip Butter retail for about $5.99. Wait for CVS to have an offer on Revlon and then you can pick more than one of these up for a discount.

That’s it for my natural everyday makeup. Below is a partial shot of the outfit I wore in Austin. The white top is a crochet beauty that I found at Ross. This top is such a steal, I can’t even begin to tell you. It is perfect for strolling around the city in Spring. My pants are faux leather leggings from Forever 21 that I got a couple years ago. My shoes are Nine West which I also found at Ross. These are my new obsession.



Have a good one cuties,



Neha • March 18, 2016

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