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Ofra Liquid Lipsticks

Lipstick Review: Ofra Cosmetics

Welcome back you guys ! It has been way too long since I’ve written a post. Truth is, I am a newbie when it comes to anything website/coding/software related. For a while I had been thinking of migrating my old wordpress site into a new self-hosted one. Well, here I am! So, wrapping up that boring info that you didn’t ask for in the first place, let’s get on with the topic today.

Today I am reviewing a pretty big collection of the liquid lipsticks by Ofra Cosmetics. Spoiler alert: I love these.


  • Pictured above are 10 of Ofra Cosmetics’ long lasting liquid lipsticks. Starting off, I don’t quite like the packaging of these. I say this because the tubes feel very plasticky and I’d expect more from them considering these aren’t exactly inexpensive. However, I rarely reserve judgement on a product based off of its packaging, so I don’t really let this bother me.
  • Coming on to the product itself, these matte liquid lipsticks are absolutely fantastic. They have a wide color selection, so you are bound to find some that will work for your skin tone. If you are one of those goddamn lucky people on whom any lipsticks look good, well then, I suggest you buy all of these. These lipsticks are so long-lasting it is absolutely ridiculous. I have mentioned in a post before -I wore one of these lipsticks for almost a full 12 hours out and about in New York City, and it literally lasted me all day.
  • The color pay-off of these is incredible. However, some of these, depending on the color you buy, can come off as patchy. If you layer two thin coats, you are golden. The best part about these lipsticks is that even though they are a gorgeous matte finish, they do not dry out your lips whatsoever. It is not necessary to prep your lips beforehand with lip balm. These go on butter smooth. You get a few seconds to build up your layers, blend them with your fingers if you so choose and then play time is over. These babies will stay on your lips for the rest of the time without any need for touch-ups.
  • The one thing that doesn’t sit too well with me is the price. It is quite a deep hole in the pocket to buy one these since they retail at $19.90 a pop on the Ofra Cosmetics website. However, what I did was buy them in two separate deals. I first bought them on a fabulous deal from Ipsy with which I bought four of these all for the price of $20.00. This was a pretty hefty discount which ipsy had in one of their weekly offers. The second time around, I bought these off of the Ofra Cosmetics website for 40% off. All in all, I would suggest to wait for some discount codes to sweeten the deal. Although now that I have tried these lipsticks, I would pay the full price in the blink of an eye.
  • Miscellaneous: If you have a medium to deep skin tone, a small piece of advice. A lot of the colors in Ofra’s range are very neon. So for example, the Kathleen Lights Miami Fever shade looks like a burnt orange/brown on paler skins, but comes off a slight bit more orange on my skin tone. So depending on the pigmentation of your lips and your skin tone, be careful about choosing the colors. Then again, wear whatever the heck you want.
  • Lastly, I have swatches of all the shades pictured down below.

    Swatches in pure daylight: Pasadena, Hollywood, Sunset Beach, Americano, Miami Fever, Ultimate Red, Surfers Paradise, Laguna Beach, Santa Monica, and Santa Ana from bottom to top.

    The same swatches shown in bathroom lighting

    Wearing the shade: Kathleen Lights Miami Fever

    Wearing the shade: Santa Monica

Wearing the shade: Santa Ana

Wearing the shade: Ultimate Red

Wearing the shade: Americano

The pictures above are swatches of my top five favorite picks out of the ten I own. Some of the ones that are too pale for me, I will just mix and match them with other lip colors I own to create a shade I like.

With that said, I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a good week loves.


Neha • November 2, 2015

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  1. Aloo bhindee November 3, 2015 - 3:33 am Reply

    Does ofra come off when you eat fried okra?

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