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Collective Haul: August 2015 Part 2

  1. IMG_4161MediSonic Facial Scrubber by Crown Brush
    Everyone is probably aware of the hype around the famous Clarisonics. However, those gadgets are pretty darn expensive. And I’m not one to drop a small fortune on these gadgets #brokecollegekid. So when I came across the Medisonic scrubber in an offer from Ipsy, I immediately grabbed the chance. For those who are unaware of the concept behind these scrubbers, I’ll give a quick summary. The sonic pulsations from these type of scrubbers are supposed to give you a much deeper clean than any beauty product can give you. Consistent use of this scrubber promises to reveal brighter skin. Normally I would be careful about gimmicky products, but, almost every noteworthy YouTuber swears by the Clarisonics and the likes. I have already started using it and I love it. It makes the whole process of ‘above the sink skin regimen’ so much easier. It does break you out for the first few uses, however, that is to be expected since it cleanses from deep within your skin.  It comes with some cool features such as multiple speeds to suit your needs and also a built-in timer. Will keep you posted on this one.
    Miscellaneous:  Purchased from Ipsy for a discounted price of $49.00. Original price is $129.00


  2. Essie Nail Polishes
    There is not much to say about these nail polishes since I have already raved enough about the brand in general in previous posts. I’ll link my top 5 favorite nail polishes post here. However, I’ll quickly go through the colors I picked up.
    From Left to Right:
    Summit of Style: A dark golden glitter
    A Cut Above: Pure rose gold glitter
    Tart Deco: Orange crème with pink undertones
    Fiji: Creamy pastel pink
    Pret-a-surfer: Greyish blue
    I do want to mention one thing though. I am the last person to go for any kind of glittery or even slightly shimmery nail polish. However, the incredible reviews and swatches of the Essie luxe-effects (glitters) make me think these colors will make great accent nails.
    Miscellaneous: Purchased from CVS. Price point $8.50 a pop.
  3. Wet N Wild Megalast Lipcolor
    Wet n Wild lipsticks are one of those hidden treasures at the drugstore. For the price that they are, I love these lipsticks. First of all, the formula of these is sooo comfortable to wear on the lips. This is one of the most important things I look for in a lipstick. I hate the feeling of knowing that I have five layers of lipstick on my lips. So these win in that department. Their staying power is not phenomenal by a long stretch, they do wear off a little when you eat or drink. However, that’s not to say that these wear off completely or immediately. I would rate them as medium staying power. Now on to the colors I picked up.
    From Left to Right: Cherry Picking, Wine Room, and Mocha-licious.
    Miscellaneous: Purchased from CVS. Price point $1.99 each (got it on Buy 2 get 1 free offer).
  4. Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipcolor
    I have used various ranges of Maybelline lip colors such as their vivid range, their elixirs and their regular line of lipsticks. I have loved most of these so I am expecting the same from this product as well. However, since I haven’t this particular creamy matte formula yet, the jury is still out on that one. The color I picked up is Nude Nuance. If I like this one, I’m going to go back and get Touch of Spice as well.
    Miscellaneous: Purchased from CVS. Price point $8.29.
  5. Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm
    The Revlon glossy balms have been my favorite for quite some time now. They are just so easy throw on on the days that you don’t want to put much thought or effort into your lipstick selection. I figured I would give this matte version a go. And I loved it. I have only used it once. As soon as I finished taking pictures of the product, I started playing with this lipstick. The first thing I loved was the formula. The formula is so light and feels silky on your lips, not the formula you would expect from a matte balm. And the color is also incredible. I usually have a lot of trouble with nudes and browns due to my pigmented lips and my skin tone. However, this one is a complete winner so far. It has a mauve undertone which is it kinda suits indian skin tones well.
    Miscellaneous: Purchased from CVS. Price Point TBD


If you notice, my color selection in the lipsticks was veering toward dirty roses, matte browns and such. Can you guess what I was aiming for? Yes, the elusive Kylie Jenner lip color. Like I mentioned above, it is even more difficult for me to pull off these colors due to my skin tone. However, the quest shall continue and when I do find my ideal Jenner lip, I will be sure to let you guys know.

With Love,


Neha • September 1, 2015

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  1. Swati Dixit September 1, 2015 - 2:45 am Reply

    I totally love the Wet n wild lipsticks too! They are so great for the price! Great shades:)

    • vanityveins September 2, 2015 - 11:41 pm Reply

      Thanks Swati! 😀

  2. Manali September 16, 2015 - 8:13 am Reply

    Don’t forget to mention wet and wild’s red ruge shade! My current favourite!

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  4. Williamdype May 30, 2016 - 1:11 am Reply

    Thank you for your forum post. Will read on… Garacci

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