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Empties: September 2015

Howdy folks! I say howdy because if you live in Texas long enough, you start becoming less shy and more comfortable with greeting everyone with a good ol’ fashioned howdy. Not sure what this has anything to do with beauty; clearly I need to focus. Now I thought that I was one of those people…

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A Day in the City

When you’ve stayed in Texas for quite a number of years, the summer heat in other places ceases to bother you. Nevertheless, it was a hot day in New York City and I had to plan my outfit and makeup accordingly. You must be thinking, who in the world wears jeans on a hot sunny…

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Collective Haul: August 2015 Part 2

MediSonic Facial Scrubber by Crown Brush Everyone is probably aware of the hype around the famous Clarisonics. However, those gadgets are pretty darn expensive. And I’m not one to drop a small fortune on these gadgets #brokecollegekid. So when I came across the Medisonic scrubber in an offer from Ipsy, I immediately grabbed the chance….

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