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Top 5 Nail Polishes: Summer 2015

The only bright part to most of my Mondays is that I know I’ll be sporting a new manicure or pedicure. I tend to get bored of wearing the same nail color on my hands very quickly, not so much on my toenails. So it is very rare for me to pick any one nailpolish as a ‘favorite’ per se. However, trust me when I say, these are my top 5 current favorite nail polishes for the summer.


1. Butler Please by Essie

For those lovers of fifty shades of blue like myself, this color is right up our alley. It is a straight up bright royal blue. It pairs really well if you have a tan going on, or in my case, if you have Indian coloring like me. I am a big fan of Essie polishes in general for the sole reason that they have an selection of colors, effects etc. The staying power of Essie polishes is not phenomenal by any means, but I always look past that if a nailpolish lasts me more than three days without showing signs of chipping. This is because I know that no matter what expensive nailpolish or topcoat I buy, it is going to start chipping when I do chores around the house, or I have to be on the floor at work (I work as an engineering intern at a steel manufacturing company). Essie polishes are easily available at the drugstore and are of a medium price point. A typical Essie polish is about 8 something dollars-it sometimes varies depending on where you buy it from.
Miscellaneous: Candle by Bath and Body Works in the fragrance Love. It is amazing!


2. Meet Me at Sunset by Essie

Fair warning, I have quite a few Essie polishes and I do tend to favor bright shades as opposed to paler ones. Due to my complexion, I like to have nail polishes that are sure to pop against my skin tone. Meet Me at Sunset is a pure orange-red. This color is bound to look amazing on everyone- people with all kinds of skin tones and undertones. It is that color that if you’re in a fix, you don’t have to think about it; just throw it on and you’re good to go. This also has the same formula as most essie polishes, it builds up to a perfectly opaque color in two coats and has an average drying time.
Miscellaneous: Shoes from a street side stall in Mahabaleshwar, India. My feet feel happy when I put these on.


3. Tempest by Sinful Colors

Lilac nails are all the rage right now. Instead of spending ten times the price on an expensive nail polish such as Illamasqua’s Harem or something along those lines, you can totally rock this trend in this bright beautiful version by Sinful Colors. It is a smooth opaque polish after two coats, you can even amp it up by layering three coats. The longevity of this leaves something to be desired for, but until I become a rich businesswoman and not a broke college kid, I’d rather just buy this polish and reapply one layer during the week if I notice any major chipping. It is available at many drugstores especially CVS and Walmart for the price point of 2 something dollars. Credit to my friend Onella for recommending this to me.
Miscellaneous: Ring from Forever 21. It is my go-to boho-type ring.


4. Cajun Shrimp by O.P.I 

I might be very very late to the party with this one, but I now totally get what the hype was all about. If I had to pick one red nailpolish and live off of it for the rest of my life, it would undoubtedly be Cajun Shrimp. It is a very pink toned red. I could be totally making this up in my head, but this polish looks absolutely incredible in photos and looks good on both the hands and the feet. You put this on, and I guarantee you will get that glamorous celebrity vibe (For my Bollywood fans, this reminds me of something Kareena Kapoor would rock). O.P.I is that one drugstore brand that has nailpolishes with good staying power. I of course always top mine off with some type of shine coat. The price is in the similar range as the Essie ones and is also available at a selection of drugstores if not all.
Miscellaneous: Please excuse the fact that my nailpolish is all over the place in this picture. I usually take a shower after doing my nails, and that process gets rid of the excess polish on the skin around the nails.


5. No.28 by Delia’s

Unfortunately, there is no name for this polish, the bottom of the bottle says no. 28. Delia’s is a clothing store in which I randomly picked up a nailpolish a couple years ago. The mint trend arrived a couple or so years ago, and I think it isn’t going away anytime soon (*knock on wood*). There are a lot of cult mint nailpolishes that the beauty world is always raving about ; a classic one is the Mint Candy Apple by Essie. Even though I do like that polish, I have a feeling that they have reformulated it or something, because that color isn’t true mint anymore, it’s more on the bluish side. So when I found this one and tried it on, I knew I had found the perfect mint polish for the summer. It looks gorgeous against my tan skin, even if I do say so myself (shameless much). Paired with a nude sandal like this one, and you’ve got yourself no-fail summer legs. Excuse me while go admire this some more. As far as price goes, I don’t exactly remember how much this cost and Delia’s website is currently under construction. However, I imagine it wasn’t expensive at all, and under 8 bucks for certain.
Miscellaneous: These shoes from Forever 21 are my ultimate favorite pair right now. For the affordable price that they were, I want to buy them in every single color possible.

I like to take shots of my nails with interesting backgrounds and preferably in daylight settings, because that is when the camera picks up the true shade. Let me know if this post and the style of it was helpful.

p.s If you are aghast by my cuticles, I do apologize. However, lately in the beauty world, buzz is that it is harmful to cut your cuticles or push them back too much as it poses a risk for infection. Gotta stay healthy folks!

So long lovelies,

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Neha • July 26, 2015

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